Few Stylish Design Makeover Ideas For Your Bedroom

A beautifully designed bedroom can be the perfect oasis to relax after a long busy day at work. Even the simplest design makeover can turn your boring bedroom into a serene, warm and soothing place that will suit your lifestyle and make your mornings and nights enjoyable.

To inspire you, take a look at our six modern and fancy design makeover ideas.

Use Modern Colours

Gray, green, blue, pink, brown and red are the new contemporary colours. Here are some ideas on how you can mix and match them.


  • Coordinate the Colours – If you want to create a classic bedroom style, mix and match blue and white. For example, you can have bed headboards, walls, bedding or pillows in this colour combination. Try combining white bed with blue bedding. Your options are limited thanks to the unlimited range of shades. You can opt for a gender-neutral palette like lime green, aqua blue, creamy white, etc.
  • Single Hue – It is not necessary to make a combination of two or more different colours. You can decorate your bedroom with only one colour. Do not be afraid that the furniture and other décor items will not match the colour of the walls. For example, if your bedroom is in a darker shade, bed headboards and upholstery in earthy colours will reinvigorate the interior.

Brighten Up The Bedroom


The next important thing in a bedroom is the lightning. Therefore, when choosing lights for your bedroom, look for relaxing lights with dimmers, so that you can adjust the brightness. To brighten up more and add an extra touch to the bedroom décor, you can put night lamps on each bedside table or use some hanging lights above the bed headboard.

Add An Artistic Touch

Sometimes blank walls can make your bedroom look empty. In order to break the monotony in your bedroom, use photographs, wall decals, wall art or wall hangings. Another great way to break the monotony, is to hang art work of different sizes on the wall. This will revive your room and give it an ultra-modern look.

Use Multiple Textures


Multiple textures can add depth to a bedroom. Wood, leather, metal and velvet can be combined at the same time. For example, bed headboards with tufted leather tiles will add oodles of personality to a bedroom. Leather bed headboards in a combination with well-designed metallic mirror or a lamp will add a touch of royalty in a bedroom.

All these ideas will help you turn your bedroom from blah to fab without spending a lot of money.