Ideas For Space Planning Your Office


Proper space management is one of the main factors that directly or indirectly influence the comfort and the productivity in your office. When it comes to planning your office space, keep in mind that style and aesthetics are not the only important factors. Practicality and functionality matter as well. Plan your working space and arrange your office works desk along with all other furniture pieces in a way that will provide both functionality and good visual appearance.


When you need to arrange your office works desk, you must consider the spatial requirements, the proximity between the employees and furniture and all the practical issues. There are four old but golden rules for planning the space in your office. Read below and discover our ideas that will help you properly fit the office works desk and other furniture pieces in your office.

The Space Between Each Office Works Desk Should Be At Least One Meter

For comfortable accommodation during the work day and an easy collaboration between colleagues, there must be at least one meter space available between the office desks. This is an important rule to considered, since employees need to have space for standing up and rolling back. Moreover, if you do not implement this rule, it’s very likely that your office will look cramped and overloaded with desks.

Allow 2 Meters Between Workstations

To ensure there will be enough space for people to move freely, you must stick to this rule. This is especially important if you need to arrange the workstations vertically and opposite to each other. If you don’t allow 2 meters between workstations, you are very likely to create a working environment that is neither flexible nor functional.


Keep The Boardroom Tables 1.5 Meter Away From The Door And 1 Meter Away From the Wall

By implementing this rule, you will create a modern, spacious and functional office. If your boardroom looks overcrowded, know that your office will look unorganized and messy.

Don’t Sacrifice Aesthetics For Function

The most important thing about your office space is to use it in a way that will provide a smooth workflow. But aesthetics matters as well. Therefore, arrange your office works desk and other furniture pieces in both functional and beautiful way. Remember, your office does not have to look like other offices; you can use your available space and furniture as you want.