Angel Tattoo Ideas: Many Options with Cool Designs

Angels are believed to be the messengers of god. They are powerful otherworldly creatures and people, who believe in them, can see and feel their presence. Even though angels are widely associated with Christianity and Islam, people of different religions also wear angel tattoos. Actually, the tattoos are so mesmerizing and cute that it is hard to beat the temptation. In case, you have been thinking of getting an angel tattoo, you will have to choose which one is best for you.

Archangel Tattoos


Archangels are angels of the supreme kind. They communicate directly with the god and work in coordination with him. As per religious books, god orders these angels to perform the most important tasks. Tattoos of Archangel Michael are most popular. The tattoos mostly depict Michael descending on earth from the heavens. He is surrounded by light and his large wings are high up in the air. You could have Michael in other postures as well wherein he is standing with his sword.

If you are action oriented, you could go for angel fight scene tattoos. Archangel fighting Lucifer is a popular angel tattoo design.

Cherub Tattoos

Cherubs are cute angels. They are usually depicted as chubby babies with small wings. Cupid is a famous cherub, who carries a bow and an arrow. When his arrow strikes someone, he falls in love. Because of this belief, people looking for love can often be seen with cherub tattoos.

Fallen Angel Tattoos

Fallen angels are at odds with god. They have been banished from heavens, but they are nevertheless charming and make for elegant angel tattoo designs. Tattooists depict fallen angels in different ways. They are given large wings and fangs. They are sometimes dressed up in contemporary clothing. For it, tattooists draw inspiration from the costumes of villains of popular movies.

Creative Angel Tattoos


If none of the interpretations of angels appeals to you, you could have your own angel tattoo. You need not give your angel long hair, she could have curly hair or even a crown. You could even dress her up as per your imagination. Actually, as no one can say for sure how an angel looks like in reality, so you can have your free hand in this matter.

Sad, serious, or happy Angel Tattoo

An angel is perceived as a positive creature by many. For them, she can never be sad. She is always full of hope and support. An angel tattoo design of a happy angel would show her in a variety of colors and perhaps dancing in a garden. She would seem satisfied. Alternatively, a sad angel tattoo may show her in a sitting position with her head bent in sadness and drooping feathers. In order to portray the grimness, these tattoos are monochromatic. Tattoo of a serious angel exudes confidence and maturity. People, who are thoughtful and conscientious, go for these tattoos.

Angel wing tattoos

For some, a tattoo of an entire angel is overwhelming. They prefer to have a tattoo of just the angel wings. You can either have small angel wings on your inner wrist, ankles, feet, hands, neck, and fingers. Big angel wing tattoos look exceptional on the back, arms, thighs, and chest. Ask your tattooist to make the tattoo with a watercolor effect. Let your tattooist use multiple colors and you will always be glad that you had the angel wing tattoo made.

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