Sport Equipment

    There has been an increasingly growing demand for athletic apparel and sports nutrition online and in retail stores. This is an industry that has done laps around its competition; it is one side of the retail industry that seems to be doing better than the rest.

    Many Australians are starting to feel a little more comfortable about spending their money these days with a slight increase on the average wage. So what makes the athletic apparel so appealing? It’s comfortable, versatile, and bold enough that it still makes a fashion statement. The proof is all in the numbers with sales growing online by 22.6% and in athletic apparel stores by 14.6%. In the last year alone, online sales have grossed 71 million Australian dollars and retail stores bringing in 2 billion Australian dollars.

    This industry also provides a lot of opportunities and the ability for this industry to grow, which is said to have a steady 5.0% rise every year into the foreseeable future. As well as a promising future for investors, this is an industry that has also provided Australians with many jobs, so far there are 6,792 job positions filled in Australia alone. This number is also set to rise with more people wanting to do their shopping online making way for more jobs in the online retail industry.

    The opportunities for the athletic apparel and sports nutrition online industry don’t stop here – Australian manufacturers and companies have recently been expanding internationally with more reach than ever. This is an industry that is looking pretty solid and will continue to improve over the next few years. What was first considered a trend has now turned into a way of life for Australians who are looking to get fit and healthy.

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