Trucks: Australian Road Freight Industry Market Research And Trends

    Australian road freight industry is one of the highly competitive industries in Australia. Its contribution to the overall Australian economy accounts for over $50 billion in revenue annually. More than 190,000 people and over 42,000 businesses are directly involved in the Australian road freight industry.

    The minimal entry barriers and the large number of participants, is why this industry is among the highly competitive sectors in Australia.

    In the past decade, the industry has undergone several important restructuring stages. Biggest changes were noted in the technology used. This is why the demand for larger diesel trucks for sale has increased. Consequently, the demand for labour has decreased and so did the prices of freight and logistics services. Also, the demand for fuel per tonne-kilometers performed has decreased. Improvements in fuel efficiency are considered to be more important than the technology advancements. This is due to the higher demand and usage of diesel trucks for sale, which are more fuel-efficient than rigid trucks.

    In the past 15-20 years, the largest growth of the number of freight vehicles was recorded in the Australian road freight industry. In 2014, more than 2.5 million freight vehicles were operating on the Australian roads. In comparison to the number of vehicles in 2009, that is over 4% in average annual growth. This was mostly notable in the larger regions in Australia, including Western and South Australia, Queensland and Victoria.

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