5 Ideas to Style Your Bedside Table


What is the one room that deserves most attention in terms of décor, but is in some sense overlooked? Your bedroom, of course. And what is one piece of bedroom furniture that is usually neglected and most likely buried under a pile of clothes, fashion accessories and ‘before bed’ comfort food? Yes, your bedside table. May not be the focal point of your bedroom, but bedside tables do add style and warmth.

Aside from being perfect storage solution and practical pieces of furniture, bedside tables can easily make or brake the look of your bedroom. But with our few super-stylish ideas, your bedside tables will instantly turn your bedroom from blah to fab.

Coordinated Colours

In interior design, colour is the key feature. Make sure you coordinate the colour of your bedside tables with the colour of the walls, bed sheets and decorative objects placed on top. For example, if tables feature traditional or vintage style (meaning wood material and any shade of brown), blue bed sheets or vintage-style blue lamp will perfectly compliment the table and create a harmonious room design.


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Balanced Focal Point

It is important to create a balance in the bedroom. Aside from coordinating colours, use accessories and decorative items of different size, shape, height and material to ensure a balanced focal point. This will not only add elegance, but will also accent the bedroom.

Matching is Boring

Who said you have to match your bedside tables. Matching is boring. To add a little flair, dimension and visual interest, get mismatched tables. They do not have to be of the same material, colour, design nor style. All that matters is the size. Particularly, the height. As long as your bedside tables are of same height and preferably, same or similar finish, you are good to go. Decorate with same accessories and you have yourself a winning bedroom design.


Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

What a better way to brighten and make your bedroom even more inviting that with flowers. Nothing fancy, really. Few tulips in a clear glass vase will add just enough charm. Or if you prefer more of a rustic look, meadow or mountain flower arrangement will do the trick. You need a bright spot in your bedroom. And any flowers or a house plant will perfectly compliment your bedside tables (regardless of the design, material or style) and whole bedroom look.


Less is More

This is the common decorating mistake we all make. Your bedroom should be your perfect relaxing retreat, not a showroom. Thus remember, less is more. Too many decorative objects on bedside tables will overpower the room. Keep it simple. A framed picture, scented candle and a vase with flowers are enough to create a peaceful and comfortable bedroom. And that’s surely the look you’re going for.