Ideas for Using Asian Boxes at Your Wedding

Your wedding is one of the events in your life you will remember forever. Wanting to make it hard-to-forget and something your guest will talk about for the next three months, is absolutely normal. Which bride doesn’t, right? Having everything perfectly organized is the key (beside making sure the dress fits you perfectly and that your uncle will not get drunk and make a scene).


What else can you do to give your wedding a zest? Your wedding organizer (paid professional or the crafty hands of your mom and sister) probably offered you many ideas for organizing everything. But here’s something we think will perfectly fit your wedding theme, Asian boxes. They are unique, with a cultural mark and are very useful. Here are a few ideas on how you can incorporate them in your big day.

Entertainment For Children

If there will be children on your wedding, you want them to be entertained and not bored. Right? Why not pack some crafty fun for them as well. In the cute Asian boxes that come in all sizes, you can pack crayons, dolls, cars, notepads, stickers and some candy. This way the children will have something to play with and stay busy while their parents enjoy the wedding.

Welcoming the Out-of-Town Guests

People that come to honor your big day from another town are the ones that deserve your attention. They would probably want to visit your city, go on a local tour and enjoy the local attractions, restaurants and cafes. Why not make their stay more pleasant by preparing them welcome gifts. In Asian boxes put a list of important phone numbers, maps and a short guide of which places they should visit. You can also throw in a locally made product; a scented candle for example.


Bridesmaids Survival Kit

Your girls have been running the wedding errands for you for months, especially on the big day, making sure you have everything you need on time. They deserve to have some perks just to survive that one day they’ve been working so hard to be perfect! Fill the Asian boxes with few things such as breath mints, hand sanitizes, wet wipes, deodorant, and travel toothbrush and paste. They will be thankful.

Candies, Chocolates and Cookies

Asian boxes can be used for packing small sweet treats for the guests. In the small or medium sized Asian boxes put some candies and/or small chocolates. Everyone will enjoy a little dose of sugar during the ceremony. Or fill the boxes with homemade cookies. Place the cookies in the box and wrap it with a fancy ribbon to make it look like a real gift.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.