Work Approved Bento Boxes: a Great Way to Pack for Lunch On-The-Go

Eating well is crucial for feeling well during your working hours. However, sometimes work can come in the way of your eating habits and your choice of food. In these cases, most people are tempted to reach for unhealthy ‘junk” food as it is the easiest to access and make you feel full. 

bento boxes with food

However, with a little forward planning, you can maintain a healthy balance of foods and have tasty and healthy lunch at work. So plan your healthy meals ahead of time then take them with you. You can cook a little bit of extra food at night and take the leftovers as lunch for the next day. To ensure your meal is packed properly and will maintain its taste and freshness, consider using bento boxes. 

These food containers are very popular and used around the world to store any type of food that can be carried in a box. Everything from veggies to sweets can be perfectly portioned for a great, nutrient-rich lunch.

What Is a Bento Box?

bento boxes

The term ‘bento’ carries with it a whole lot of tradition that has evolved over the past 15 centuries. It’s part of the Japanese culture and has gained popularity all over the world. A bento box is a reusable Japanese-style single-serving lunch box consisting of a main dish and some sides. It features multiple compartments for different dishes. 

The traditional Japanese bento box usually contains rice, fish or meat, and some vegetables and is served virtually everywhere. Although each culture has adopted its own dishes for the box, the original idea of a quick, portable, varied and balanced lunch away from home still remained the same. Simply said, bento boxes are a convenient and safe way to pack your homemade meals and enjoy eating them on the go. 

Benefits of Using a Bento Box

bento box with food

Planning your meals ahead of time and using a bento box will save you money and time and will encourage healthier eating habits. Variety is key when it comes to bento lunches. Therefore, shop seasonally and have a lot of different items in small quantities on hand to express your creativity and prepare yourself a great bento meal for your next working day. A bento box consists of multiple compartments which make it easier to pack a variety of textures, flavours and colours in a small container. It allows you to use just one container to pack multiple types of food, thus saving you space as well as time on cleanup later.

In addition, bento lunch boxes promote easy portion control thanks to their restricted size as well as the different movable dividers and accessories available. They help packing a well-balanced meal consisting of various foods, thus encouraging you to eat healthier. Also, by using a bento box, you can reduce your impact on the environment. Bento lunch oxes are reusable and eco-friendly, so replace the plastic and paper products for single-use with these functional and stylish boxes. 

Plus, bento box containers help ensure that you will never have another boring lunch, especially not with so many combinations of boxes and accessories available. Depending on which container you choose to pack your lunch, you can prepare a proper bento meal with a good colour balance that will look delicious and appetizing. 

Lunch Box vs. Bento Box

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Basically, there is no big difference between a traditional lunch box and a bento lunch box. In essence, they are the same except that bento is a Japanese box for lunch and is a symbol of Japanese culture. However, there are several other things that separate bento boxes from the traditional boxes used for packing lunch. For example, while the traditional lunch box has just one compartment in which you can store all of your food, bento containers consist of multiple compartments for storing a variety of foods and everything has its own separate place. 

Plus, bento lunch boxes are a more eco-friendly option as they are designed to hold it all in one container instead of using or purchasing several extra boxes and wrappings. With these containers, everything you need will be easily washed, stored and packed just in a few minutes.  In addition, lunch boxes can be made from a wide variety of materials. From fabric to metal and plastic. Most of them are made of plastic which can be harmful and cause a variety of health problems. In this regard, bento containers are made of metal, bamboo or lacquered wood, which means they may be a safer option for storing your lunch.