Novel Ideas on How to Render Your Kitchen Smarter

The kitchen is the busiest area in the home, so it’s understandable that its renovation time comes faster. Luckily, now you have the chance to upgrade it with new and smarter appliances. But what exactly does having a smart kitchen actually mean? Well, a smart kitchen is the one that includes inventions that add a whole new level of functionality, making everything easier. This includes things that improve organisation and mainly smart appliances that operate via the internet or Bluetooth.

Pull-Out Kitchen Organisers

Having enough under bench storage is the key to a clutter-free kitchen. So, it goes without saying that kitchen renovation is the ideal time to invest in smart and easy storage solutions like pull-out organisers. These organisers provide easy access to all everyday kitchen essentials like utensils, knives and condiments. Equipped with a smooth and high-quality runner and soft-close mechanisms, these storage solutions are convenient and easy to open and close.

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This new way of storing things is way easier, giving you easy access to even the hardest to reach products in the drawer. By simply pulling out the shelf, you can get whatever you need from the back. In other words, these organisers can help you use even the rear areas of the cabinet, the ones that are extremely difficult to reach.

Depending on the size, a pull-out pantry shelf can be used for storing pans, pots, spices, cooking oils, coffee, sugar and a plethora of many other kitchen essentials. As you can see, these shelves offer great functionality and can be used for storing literally anything you need. Some of the latest pull-out shelves come with power outlets, serving as the perfect charging stations that can keep cords and devices away from the countertop, but still near you.

Smart Fridge

Unlike regular ones, a smart fridge can certainly make your life simpler. Thanks to its programs and sensors, a smart fridge can sense what kinds of goods are being stored inside and it can send or receive notes, give alerts when the door is left open etc. The best thing about it is that you can even check stock levels while you’re out at the shop, so you can get all you need.

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Besides this, a smart fridge can also allow you to check your schedule on its built-in screen via a calendar app, so you can keep track of everything as you prepare your morning coffee at home. Just imagine how convenient it could be to have such a modern kitchen appliance in your home. Handy, right?!

Smart Oven

Just like the fridge, a smart oven can also connect to the internet, Bluetooth and AL system appliances like Google Home and Amazon Alexa, or any other smart appliance and device. Thanks to these features, you can be out and about and turn on your oven to preheat, so it could be ready when you get home. You can even instruct it to preheat at a particular time which is quite efficient and practical when running out of time.

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Smart Dishwasher

Usually, these kitchen appliances also include an app that can serve as a remote control. Depending on the model and brand, you can download the exact same version on your smartphone from your app store. Thanks to it, you can control the temperature, wash cycle and time by pressing only one button on your phone.

Motorised Roller Blinds

Instead of investing in regular roller blinds, you can finalise your kitchen renovation with the newest invention – motorised roller blinds. By installing such blinds in your kitchen or even in your entire home, you’ll take your home comfort to the very next level. By investing in such modern and motorised blinds, you’ll gain convenience while saving some money on energy bills, thanks to the large selection of fabrics.

Ultra-quiet, rechargeable and battery-powered, the motors on these blinds are installed within the tube of the roller blind which makes it more convenient. The levelling control of these blinds allows for precise positioning of multiple blinds at once.

roller blinds


Thanks to the remote, you can control one or several blinds in different zones within the same room, which makes things more convenient, especially when extra busy in the kitchen. Just like the other smart kitchen appliances, these automation kitchen blinds can also be connected to home networks and devices like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Homekit.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.