Spice Up the Simplicity: Lovely Ideas for Decorating a Scandinavian Space

Scandinavian Room

Trends in interior design come and go, but there’s one particular type of clean design that will always steal the show. Scandinavian style is beloved by many for its focus on simplicity, minimalism and functionality. Scandinavian allows you to make the most of your space by using less. The wide hardwood floors, bright walls and practical furniture with clean lines all make the home soothing and hard-working at the same time. This style is even proven to boost your mood.

However, even though it’s all about minimalism, Scandinavian also calls for some tasteful décor. The right use of décor elements here and there prevent the space from feeling too cold and sterile. There are many ways you can introduce some life to a Scandinavian interior without affecting its clutter-free attitude. Here are some lovely décor ideas that can give the space more depth, warmth and interest.

Liven Up Those Walls with Scandinavian Wall Art

Scandinavian Wall Art

Even though Scandinavian calls for crisp, white walls, it doesn’t mean you should leave them bare and cold. After all, aren’t those crisp white walls perfect for displaying some beautiful Scandinavian-inspired art? Art prints and paintings will able to stand out better with a white background and provide a much needed interest to the minimalist interior.

But what kind of wall art to choose. Well, considering how the rest of your Scandinavian inspired space will have a simplistic neutral colour palette, the wall art should also be in line with that rule. That being said, opt for simple Scandinavian art prints, photographs, paintings or typography that depict personality without the use of clashing and loud colours. You can pick a single large art piece or try a more creative approach and build a gallery wall. A gallery wall can offer you more creative freedom as there’s no limit to the number of pieces you can include. Yes, even in a minimalist Scandinavian interior.

Unlike the rest of the space that’s best left with only the bare minimum of things, when you choose minimalist Scandinavian art prints and other artwork, there’s no risk that the space will feel overwhelming. Scatter them across a feature wall in your living room or along the wall in your hallway for a casual but stylish effect. In fact, you won’t be wrong if you opt for a gallery wall that’s entirely black and white. Black and white artwork isn’t only minimalist, but it also gives the space a more sophisticated and modern vibe. Besides paying attention to the colour palette, also look for art that has traditional Scandinavian motifs that will blend in with the rest of the space better, like for instance, nature, wildlife, abstract themes or geometric shapes.

Hygge It Up!

Hygge Room

If you’re following design magazines and blogs, or simply have an Instagram account, then you’ve probably heard about the concept of hygge. Hygge is a Danish term that means taking it easy and feeling cosy, warm and at peace with oneself. Hygge is how Scandinavians cope with the short days and extremely cold temperatures. This concept is so ingrained in their culture, that Scandinavians even choose to decorate their homes to allow for more hygge-like moments.

In an interior, the elements that emit warmth or give it a more homey feeling are the ones usually defined as hygge. For instance, this can be something as simple as a cute and fluffy area rug to warm your bare feet while you drink hot cocoa seated on a soft, upholstered sofa. A helpful tip to make your space more hygge-like is to incorporate layers of cosy, lush fabrics. Wooden surfaces with rich textures, such as hardwood floors and furniture made of oak, maple and walnut give off a homey vibe as well. Adding a personal touch in the form of family photos, something DIY or an arts and crafts project your kids made is also a great way to hygge-fy your home.

Bring the Outdoors in with Luscious Greenery

Scandinavian Room with Greenery

Scandinavian interior design draws its inspiration from the outdoors. You can reinforce the style’s connection with nature by using plants as décor. Even the smallest of spaces can benefit from decorative greenery as it can liven up the space without suffocating it. When using plants that are beautifully oversized, like for instance the rubber plant, you can add a tasteful touch of drama to the surroundings. On the other hand, indoor vines that overflow from their pots can make a room feel more casual and romantic. And best of all, you can use plants all around – from the hallway, to the bedroom, and even as coffee table décor. Let nature inspire you!

Use Metals to Give the Space an Edge

Scandinavian Home with hints of metal

Besides the abundance of wood introduced by furniture and floors and the decorative plants, hints of metals can also be used to represent the connection Scandinavian style has with nature. The best way to introduce metals in your interior is through lighting fixtures. Copper and brass pendants, sconces and lamps have a certain edgy elegance and shiny finish that can bring the much needed spark to a room. Additionally, you can add various decorative accents made out of metals such as vases, coat hooks, picture frames and more.