Soothing Simplicity: Ideas for Decorating a Scandinavian Bathroom

scandinavian bathroom
source: Paradyz

Decorating a bathroom is always a complex task. If it were as large as your living room, I’m sure you wouldn’t have any problem to let your decorating imagination run wild. But bathrooms are almost always too small, and as such, they don’t leave much space to work with. Luckily, even the tiniest of nooks can be transformed into a functional and stylish space as long as you use the right decorating style.

When it comes to doing more with less, Scandinavian is a decorating style that always seems to work. Unlike other styles, Scandinavian helps to enlarge the space visually, giving it an airy and light appeal. And this is what makes it the perfect decorating scheme for your bathroom. Intrigued? Here are a few Scandinavian decorating tricks to help you transform your bathroom into the beautiful space it deserves to be.

Start With a Neutral Colour Palette

Scandinavian Bathroom
source: Paradyz

Scandinavian spaces always feel soothing and bright. And we’ve got the unique Scandi colour palette to thank for this. Scandinavian style demands the use of a colour palette where white dominates. While black and dark colours create a narrowing effect, the presence of white opens up the space. So, start by using white for the majority of the space. Just picture it – the pure white tiles, ceiling, and bathtub will gleam and bounce the light around, giving the impression of more spaciousness.

However, leaving everything white isn’t good either. You can end up with a space that feels blinding. With that being said, contrast the crisp, white background with sophisticated neutrals such as beige, brown, grey or dark green. You can also feel free to add hints of pastels such as soft lime, sky blue or baby pink. It’s best that you use pastel colours through some small Scandinavian bathroom accessories such as toothbrush holders, toilet roll holders, soap dispensers and similar items.

Go for Raw, Natural Materials

scandinavian sink
source: Natural Bed Company

The main reason Scandinavian style interiors always feel so refined is that they utilize furniture and accessories made of raw, natural materials. With that being said, the bathroom tiles should obviously be ceramic, while the bathtub, sink, and toilet made of rich marble. Not only are these materials sturdy and durable, but they’re also easy to clean – which is in line with the Scandinavian belief that all spaces need to be as functional as possible.

Also, add wooden elements as much as possible. Wood gives warmth to the space and is able to capture that cosy Scandinavian concept called Hygge. Bring in a lovely vanity made of rich hardwoods such as oak or maple. You can also find Scandinavian bathroom accessories such as towel racks, body brushes, toilet roll holders. And remember, in a Scandinavian bathroom, there’s no room for cheap plastic accessories!

Clutter Is Your Worst Enemy!

nordic inspired bathroom
source: Geotiles

Scandinavian spaces are famous for being beautifully minimalist and clutter-free. And this wouldn’t be possible to achieve without the help of some practical storage solutions. To keep clutter at bay try to utilise as much storage tricks as possible. Consider adding storage in all directions – up, down, and sideways. For instance, mount a medicine cabinet above the sink, a sleek vanity below it, a few shelves on the walls, and some woven baskets on top of them. This way you can keep everything you need organised and out of sight, from towels to shower gels, makeup and grooming tools. When everything has its own exact place, it’s less likely that people will leave the bathroom in a mess every morning.

Liven Up the Bathroom with Some Greenery

bathroom with greenery
source: Burke Decor

Scandinavian design has a tight connection to the outdoors, which is why the abundance of houseplants is a recognizable feature of Scandi-style spaces. But is it right to bring some greenery into the bathroom too? Why not, as long as you pick the right plants. The bathroom is a humid space which makes it a good environment for many plants. However, you will need to avoid plants that can’t thrive in humidity, such as cacti and succulents. Additionally, consider the amount of natural light your bathroom gets and pick a plant that has suitable requirements. For instance, if your bathroom doesn’t get much sunlight, tropical plants are the ideal choice. By bringing in potted plants, your bathroom will get a dose of lively colour and fresh scents.

Install a Shower Screen

bathroom with shower sink
source: Le Collectionist

A shower curtain has no place in a sleek, modern Scandi style bathroom. So, if you have one, I’d suggest getting rid of it promptly. Not only are shower curtains a tacky fixture of the past, but they also visually obstruct the space. And in a Scandi style bathroom, that’s the last thing you want. With that being said, consider enclosing your shower or bath with a sleek, glass shower screen. The addition of glass gives the space a more sophisticated vibe. Plus, a glass shower screen also helps to showcase the beautiful tiles lining your bathroom walls.