A Few Ideas on How to Create a Modern Lounge-Inspired Living Room

If you have had the opportunity to hang out in airport lounges, then you’ve probably noticed they all have a few things in common. These areas feel like a peaceful oasis, away from busy airport terminals. They usually offer a variety of foods and drinks, books and magazines for you to read, plenty of plugs for your electronics, and many comfy chairs so you can chill, sleep or maybe get some work done before your flight takes off. And there is also the aesthetic aspect of the lounges. Although each airline has a different vision in mind and therefore embraces a different vibe, lounges in general embody a simplified design and neutral colours that evoke calmness. If you are a frequent traveller and really like the concept of lounges, it’s easy to create a lounge-inspired living room into your house. Here are some tips that can help you do that.

comfy sofa

Comfy Sofa

When it comes to the airport furniture, it’s usually minimalistic in design, able to accommodate many people but also very comfortable as some passengers have a very long layover. On that note, a comfy sofa should be the central piece in your lounge-inspired living room. Aim for one with deep seating, many pillows and generously stuffed back and seat cushions. Having in mind that lounges have very durable furniture to beat constant wear and tear, you should go for a quality designer grey sofa, for instance. These come with the promise of durability which makes them the ideal lounge piece for the living room for many years to come. The living room seating should also be easy to maintain, so it’s preferable for the sofa to feature a cover that is removable and dry cleanable. In terms of colour, a designer grey sofa is easier to fit into your already established colour palette.

Grey is a neutral colour that pairs almost perfectly with any other colour so it has a huge decorative potential. You can style it with many pillows in navy, teal, and soft mustard and knitted or faux-fur sofa throws to create a serene space you want to come home to. Apart from the aesthetic aspect, comforting throws will also keep you warm and cosy when the weather gets cold.

white comfy sofa with two white chairs

Pair it With Chairs

If you like to entertain and have friends over, then it’s advisable to pair the sofa with comfy chairs to have a place to accommodate more people at once so that everyone can gather and socialize. You can find chairs that are complementary to the sofa and match in style and colour. This is a safe way to create a seamless look in the living room. But mixing and matching sofas and chairs can be a fun way to add a bit of personality into the living room. So instead of a modern grey matching armchair, you can for instance pair the sofa with lounge chair with footrest in white or black colour.

In addition to the sofa and the chair, you can also add one or a few ottomans. These small, low seat pieces of upholstered furniture with a cushioned top are easy to move around and can be used as extra seating for when you have guests over. Other than that, they can be used for storage purposes and as a footrest paired with the sofa and the chairs. So it’s easy to see how they can help you relax and lounge. You can pick a patterned ottoman that goes well with the grey sofa for a pop of colour.

white sofa with two brown chairs and two tables

Add End Tables

You can also add one or maybe two tables on each side of the sofa with storage space to keep essentials close at hand. Use the tables to place books, your phone or tray with drinks. Place the tables near sockets if possible, to keep your phone and other electrical devices charged all the time. Apart from their practical aspect, they also add to a feeling of completeness to the room. Modern end tables will usually be shapely and in neutral colour palettes and you’ll likely find them in marble, glass, and chrome.

Cast a Glow

It’s important for your living room to be well lit. Apart from visibility, the right lighting can also create a nice atmosphere. You can use a combination of light fixtures like ceiling fittings that are dimmable and a task light like a floor lamp by the sofa for reading if you plan to use the area for that or maybe for getting some work done on your laptop. A woodburning stove can add a warm glow and heat for chilly evenings while candlelights create a cosy vibe.