Wallpaper Ideas for a Chic & Memorable Living Room

Even though you’ve invested a great deal of effort and money into furniture and accessories, you still feel like your living room lacks a certain something. A statement piece that will make it memorable and inspiring. When it comes to breathing some life into a living room and giving it a unique spirit, nothing beats the personality of a wallpaper with a statement print. Here are some wallpaper ideas that are trending for 2020, so you may discover the ideal style for you.

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Texture-Rich Grasscloth Wallpaper

In the quest for the perfect wallpaper colour and the right pattern to bring your living room alive, don’t ignore another very important element of interior design – texture. Texture can be as powerful as colour and pattern when creating an exquisite living room. In fact, it allows you to get away with a safe and minimalist colour and pattern and still create an impressive wall. And when it comes to textured wallpaper grasscloth is the ultimate choice.

Texture-Rich Grasscloth Wallpaper

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Compared to wood and brick walls, grasscloth wallpaper is a much more affordable way to add some organic feel and warmth to a room. It’s especially popular in beach houses and interiors that have a Hamptons vibe. And since grasscloth wallpaper comes in a wide range of weaves, you can pick a pattern that will suit your living room best – from chevron to trellis, tropical leaves, geometrical patterns and more. Like any wallpaper grasscloth is also available in an unlimited amount of colours. When picking a grasscloth wallpaper in a vivacious colour you can easily create an accent wall that will grab the most attention in the room. However, when using grasscloth wallpaper in a bold colour, make sure that the rest of the room is on the simple side so that you don’t end up with an overwhelming, intense space.

Get the French Country Look with Gingham Wallpaper

So, you’ve decorated your living room in a French country fashion and would also like for the walls to reflect the same style. Get inspired by a popular French country print – gingham. Look for a gingham wallpaper in the classic colours this style is known for, like lavender or gold khaki. The addition of gingham wallpaper will tie the room together in a lovely way.

Tribal for a Living Room Revival

I know that tribal can often come across as dated and kitschy, especially in the case of tattoos. But don’t reject tribal wallpaper altogether. When used the right way, a simple tribal pattern can make your walls come to live and inject the space with enough variety to keep the eye moving. And don’t think that tribal should also extend to the rest of your décor scheme. Instead, use tribal wallpaper in an earthy tone and with a minimalist pattern.

Give the Room Some Edge with Black and White Stripes

For a modern living room, the best way to give it some edge is to create a striking visual contrast with a black and white wallpaper. Regardless of how styles and trends may change, a black and white wallpaper will always look up to date. Additionally, stripes on the wall can help make the room seem much bigger than it is. This makes a black and white wallpaper with stripes a great option for small living rooms.


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Turn a Wall into a Window with Landscape Wallpaper

Are your living room windows too small? Or perhaps you’re not quite happy with your view being blocked by tall buildings? Create your own window overlooking a lovely landscape. Landscape wallpaper was popular in the ’70s, but who says you can have it now too? A wallpaper depicting an idyllic country scene or a lush forest may be just what you need when you feel like you’ve been stuck in the city for too long.

Add a Romantic Touch with Floral Wallpaper

Do you feel like your living room looks too harsh? Soften it up with some delightful floral wallpaper. For a soothing and comfortable feel in your living room choose a wallpaper with a neutral or pastel background and with a natural, blush-toned floral print. If you want something bolder, opt for a vibrant base such as light blue or zesty green, but keep the flowers in a softer shade. Additionally, make sure to pick a print that suits the size of your space. For instance, if you have a small living room, avoid minuscule flower patterns that can create a feeling of clutter and overwhelm the space. To make the room feel bigger, pick a floral wallpaper where the flowers are bigger and wider apart.

floral wallpaper living room

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Create a Luxe Feel with Metallics

If you want to make your living room seem more glamorous, then a wallpaper with a metallic, gold pattern may be what you’re looking for. Whether it’s stripes or a geometric pattern, a wallpaper with some gold or other high-shine metallics is a sure way to provide the space with a luxe free. If you’re looking for something vintage, go for a damask style metallics wallpaper. A metallic wallpaper will catch some of the light beautifully and make your room sparkle in a literal way.