No Idea What Type of Dog Bed You Should Get? Let Your Dog’s Breed Have a Say

Although dogs can be the perfect companion that we often like to share the comforts of our bed with, the majority of pets sleep in their owner’s beds. This is not a bad thing since they do need their own place to sleep and relax. As cute and comforting as it may seem to snuggle with your dog, there comes a time (maybe after feeling grumpy and tired the next day because your four-legged friend movements have woken you up many times during the night) when we realise that it would be really convenient for them and for us too, to get bedding for dog.

Much like humans, dogs have different personalities. Retrievers are friendly, German Shepherds are protective while Australian Shepherds are notorious chewers, which is something that’s largely determined by their breed. A dog’s breed obviously is also a great indicator of their physical traits – Boerboel and Cane Corsoare the large and masculine, for instance, and Yorkshire terriers and Pomeranians are small and cute . This being said, it’s only logical that the dog’s breed must be taken into consideration when picking the right bedding for your dog.

What Is the Best Bedding for Outdoor Dogs?

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In general, all dogs love being outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and rolling in the grass. But some breeds enjoy the great outdoors more than others. Retrievers, Australian Shepherds, and Rottweilers are just some breeds that enjoy outdoor adventures such as hiking and camping more than other types of dogs. These are usually a medium to large-sized breeds that can be also kept in the backyard for a longer period of time. As a pet parent, I am sure that you want to ensure that this outdoor environment is a comfortable space for them and this includes getting the right bedding for dog – a place where they can relax and feel comfortable while outside.

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Mattress dog beds are flat and simple, rectangular-shaped beds, that will best suit outdoor dogs. They often come in different dimensions in order to fit into your dog’s crate. Although they may not be as good looking as other options like fluffy dog pillow beds, they can get the job done right. These are often waterproofed and made from memory foam that responds to body heat and weight by molding to the contours of the body. This lets your dog stay out in comfort whether it’s on your deck or porch, by the pool or under a shady tree.

But no matter how much your dog likes spending time outdoor, keeping it outdoor all-year round is unhealthy and unkind. That is why on days when the weather is less than ideal, you need to keep your dog indoors to ensure its health and safety.

What Is the Best Dog Bed for Chewers?

Dogs are chewers by nature, they do it out of boredom, for fun and when they’re anxious. But as already mentioned, some breeds are notorious for this. If your dog belong to this group, then it needs bedding for dog that’s chew proofed. These are designed with tough chewers in mind and are usually made of hyper-durable materials like canvas, vinyl, and high denier nylon, in order to withstand even the most merciless chewers.

What you would also want to pay attention to is double stitching and, in some cases, double fabric layers to combat canine chewers. Vetbeds which are usually used in vet clinics but can be sold in different precut sizes for home use are also a good option. These are made from a double weave, making it able to withstand constant abuse from dogs so won’t tear up easily. Some even come with a chew resistant warranty.

What Size Bed Should I Get for My Dog?

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If you happen to have Great Dane, Saint Bernard or another type of dog that belong to the giant breeds, then you will need a dog bed that is large, supportive and easy for your dog to get in and out. Mattress beds are again a good option, but you can also consider orthopedic dog beds since giant dog breeds often suffer arthritis and therefore need a comfortable bed with support to relax. Elevated dog beds which are one or two feet above the ground and sturdy enough to prevent shaking are also an option as large breed gods can get in and out of it easily.

If your puppy is a small size dog, don’t place him/her in a huge bed as this can be intimidating. Soft and fluffy beds that have raised edges can act as a comfy pillow on which your dog can rest its head or cuddle against.