No Idea What Kind of Indoor Dog Pen to Get? Here are the Best Types

Taking care of a dog is a big responsibility. You will surely provide your pet with a place to sleep and eat, but your furry friend needs more than this. You need to ensure you will transform your home into a pet-friendly environment so your dog can feel safe and comfortable. This means that you need to equip your home with all the dog necessities including a dog enclosure. A dog playpen is the perfect tool for when you are away from home or for preventing your pet from going into parts of your house you want to protect. Apart from this, it can provide your dog with a perfect place where he can rest, feel comfortable and play.

There are different types, sizes and designs of dog pens. Many people use dog enclosure indoor but many of them can be used outdoors as well. There is a wide range of metal, plastic or even wooden pens and they all come with different specifications. For all pet owners who are looking for the right indoor pen and don’t have an idea what kind to get, here are the best types.

dog enclosure indoor

VEBO Enclosed Pet Exercise Pen with a Lockable Door

If you are a bit worried that your dog will climb out of the enclosure, then this may be the right type for you. Ir comes with a lid and metal roof that is rigid therefore cannot change its shape when pushed. If you are considering this dog enclosure indoor is a good place to keep it but also you can place it outdoors and use it for keeping chickens, rabbits, etc. It is made from strong 4mm wiring with black powder coating which makes it highly portable, lightweight and easy to set up. It also features handle on the top when folded that allows for easy carrying and the escape-proof top lid will always provide you with a peace of mind.

dog enclosure indoor 1

MidWest Homes for Pets Foldable Metal Exercise Pen

This dog pen is easy to use. The secure double-latch step-through door allows for easy entrance for both you and your dog. Once folded, this enclosure takes up very little space and that makes it ideal for travelling. This product is marked as an indoor pen but it can be used outdoors as well. The pen comes with four thumb-snaps and eight corner stabilizers that keep the playpen sturdy and allow for easy assembling. This model of exercise pen doesn’t come with a roof but it gives you the ability to install one if you want. You can additionally purchase a top and ensure that your dog will stay safe inside and not climb the pen.

dog enclosure indoor 2

IRIS Exercise Eight-panel Pet Playpen with Door

This pen is designed for indoor use but without restrictions to be used outdoors as well. This dog enclosure is made of heavy-duty moulded and durable plastic which means it is a long-lasting and sturdy indoor playpen where your furry friend can enjoy and play. It is a perfect choice for small dogs but can also provide enough room for larger pets as well. Each of the panels can be adjusted so you can change the shape of the pen as you want and need. If after a while you determine that you need a bigger pen, you can purchase two-panel add-ones and expend your existing playpen. If you need something that is easy to clean and maintain, this pen is a good choice.