Simple Ideas for Keeping Your Cat Entertained

Like it or not, leaving our pets at home is something that we usually do on a daily basis. Whether when going to work or going out, our furry friends need to be left alone at home and in order to avoid finding a mess when you come back, you should consider the idea of keeping them entertained. Luckily, this can be done with ease, thanks to the many thoughtful solutions.

Cardboard Boxes

cat plush toy cardbox

This is the most cost-defective type of cat’s toy. Whether for playing hide and seek or using it as a bed when nap time comes, cardboard boxes are a fun way to keep your cat entertained for hours. Although they can be easily damaged, they can also be easily replaced.

Tip: Buying in bulk (for example, buying 10 boxes at a time) can be even more affordable as the prices of buying in bulk are lower.

Plush Toys

cat plush toy

Since cats can be really loyal, loving and friendly, introducing them to a new friend can put an end to their boredom, especially when alone. If your space doesn’t allow you to have another cat, you can invest in a cat plush toy, or to be more precise in a lifelike cat plush toy. Available in a range of sizes, models and types, a plush toys can become your cat’s best buddy. Usually, these toys are made from polyester fibres and can be machine washed which is crucial for keeping the hygiene level as higher as possible. The beauty of these toys is that they are completely safe for kids as well, which can be a beneficial thing for those of you who have kids. For cats that are more into the hunting game, you can make make a game by using cardboard boxes and stuffing plush toys in them. You can place them in many places around your home and let your cat “hunt” its friends by flipping them out of the boxes.

Cat Furniture

Cat Furniture cat plush toy

Since cats are considered important family members, lots of cat owners decide to invest in cat’s furniture. Scratching posts, scratching benches and trees are just some of the many types of furniture pieces you can buy for your cat, and the best part about them is that they can keep your cat occupied for hours. With a bit of training, your cat will take out its natural instincts on its own furniture while leaving yours scratch-free.

A Room with a View

cat plush toy a room with a view

We are all aware of the fact that cats are curious creatures in nature. They love watching what’s going on outside and allowing them to do that can be great, especially when you’re not at home to keep it entertained. This can be done easily, by leaving the blinds open, and in case the particular room doesn’t have a floor to ceiling glass or balcony, you can install a shelf or move a piece of furniture close to the window.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.