Ideas on How to Plan a Family Camping Trip with Kids

Camping can be the perfect way for the whole family to enjoy some quality time in nature. But camping with kids can be intimidating, to say the least, as there are many things that can go wrong (like what if they don’t want to go to sleep or feel bored most of the time). Well, with a little planning in advance, you can make sure your outdoor adventure is a successful one.

12 man tent

No camping experience would be as amazing as it can be without food. Obviously, you want to pack foods that you know your kids like and lots of healthy and nutritious food that doesn’t take much time to prepare (this may not be time to try out a new culinary meal). Bring along lots of fresh fruits and vegetables that can be eaten raw, bread and some essentials like cooking oil, sugar, salt, and some spices to make food taste better. Also, you want to bring some of their favorite items (pillow, blanket or a stuffed animal) but try not to over-pack and keep the toys to a minimum. It’s more likely that your kids will find new and more interesting things to see and play with.

When camping with kids and choosing the right shelter, it’s better to use tents as kids generally feel more secure in them. Plus, a tent can trap body heat making it suitable for cold nights. Since it is natural to need more space when you’re camping with the whole family, investing in an option such as 12 man tents is a smart idea. This way, there will be enough room for everything and everyone and the whole family can be comfortable. In addition, with the space offered from 12 man tents you also get room dividers for added privacy, so even multiple families can fit inside one tent. with such tent, storing all of the items you have brought along would be a lot easier since you’ll probably have a section or two from the tent to spare just for storage purposes. For maximum convenience, make sure the tent you choose comes with an extended large front-awning as this can be a great for cooking or serve as an additional shelter from the elements.

12 man tents

When camping it is important to keep the kids busy. For this purpose, you can pack a sketchbook and ask them to draw what they see, bring a play board games or do a little research about what activities are available at the destination you are heading. It could be anything from short daily hikes and riding bikes, to renting a boat. That way you can be better prepared in case the kids get bored.

Finally, you want to include your kids in the planning activity as it can get them really excited about the whole journey. You can allow them to help contribute to the menu or give them the responsibility to pack their own camping gear.