Camping Ideas: Air Beds as a Sleeping Solution

It is safe to say that until recently camping was perceived as a rather rough experience that requires you to give up your comfort zone for a couple of days for the purpose of getting closer to nature. While all that is still true, it is no longer necessary for you to sleep on the ground. Camping bedding has been updated quite a lot, and today you can choose to spend the night on an air bed instead of on the ground. This doesn’t make the whole journey a piece of cake, however, it has resulted in more people considering camping. Plus, comfy sleep means you’ll be more ready for the activities you’ve planned for the next day.

camping bedding

Advantages of Using Air Beds

Easy to Use – You don’t have to be a professional camper to know how to use this type of camping bedding. It is simple to inflate, deflate and pack away. There is no metal support to make things more difficult, no tight ropes and no manual to read in order to assemble it.

Easy to Store – Just as inflating and deflating, storage is also a fast and simple procedure. Roll the air bed up from end to end, put it in its carry-on bag and you are done. This bag also makes it easy to carry, and move from the tent to the outside or to another tent if you need to.

More Sleeping Space – Sleeping bags, hammocks and cots are designed to provide a sleeping solution for one person only. Well, if you opt for an air bed as your next camping bedding solution, then you will get the option to choose the size and capacity and you wouldn’t have to carry multiple items with you. There are single, twin, double or queen size beds. So, if you prefer, you can sleep with your other half or with the entire family on one single mattress. Camping should be about bonding too, right?

Immense Comfort – Sleeping on an air bed feels as though you are sleeping in your own bed. You are far enough from the ground to avoid the hard surface, and you will wake up the next morning feeling great and ready for new adventures. What makes camping bedding option even more convenient is the possibility to adjust the firmness of the mattress. You can customize it in order to meet your and the needs of your loved ones.

camping bedding

Additional Info

How to Inflate the Air Bed?

  •  There are air beds on the market that come with a manual pump, with an electric one or are self-inflating. Simply lay the mattress flat, and use the pump in order to inflate it. If it is self-inflating, then it all comes down to a press of a button. Some manual pumps work by hand or foot and the electric one needs a battery or a power source in order to work.

How to Repair an Air Bed?

  • If by any chance you hear a hissing sound when inflating the bed, or it starts to lose firmness while in use, then you need to tend to the hole before it gets any bigger. Most air beds on the market come with repair patches. Duct tape is also useful as a temporary solution. If the hole is too small to notice you can put the mattress in water and look for air bubbles.
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