Ideas For Quick And Accurate Digging With An Excavator Auger


The excavator auger is one of the most widely used excavator attachments, as it provides quick and accurate digging. Mounted on the boom of the excavator, this attachment makes the process of drilling holes very efficient. With enough power and simple operation, this attachment is the best solution for heavy digging projects. The maximum digging depth of the excavator auger is 1.5-m, but it can be extended by using one of the many extension parts that are available on the market. It is suitable for a variety of applications and it is used in different industries, including: transportation, forestry, agriculture, water conservancy and engineering industry.

When choosing an excavator auger, you need to consider the size, shape, digging capacity and style. For quick and accurate digging, you need to choose the right excavator auger for your application. For example, a rock excavator auger is specifically designed to be used for rocky soils. For drilling holes of 1.5 meters below the ground, this is the perfect attachment you need. Regardless of which excavator auger you choose, you can simply and quickly attach the auger to your excavator and start working immediately. The attachment simply finds its way into the ground and removes the unnecessary dirt.

One way to ensure that the excavator auger you are about to buy will perform efficiently, is to check whether the attachment is compatible with the power source of your machine. The excavator auger needs to match your application perfectly, which means that it needs to have enough hydraulic pressure and flow rating so it can provide the exact amount of power. If it is not compatible, consider other options with different power source and capacity.

Another important thing to consider when choosing an excavator auger is the auger drive. The auger drive can be direct, planetary and chain drive. Planetary drive is the most expensive auger drive, but it is the only solution for tough digging jobs as it comes with more power. The direct drive is not cheap, but it is less expensive than the planetary drive. The cheapest auger drive is the chain drive, a cost-efficient solution suitable for light-duty applications. The price of an excavator auger depends heavily on the auger drive.

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