Ideas For Using Mini Excavator Attachments

A mini excavator is a compact machine with capacity lower than 8 tonnes, usually equipped with a bucket with a digging depth between 1.5 and 6 meters. The mini excavator, or also known as compact excavator, has gained a huge popularity because it allows the operators to work and maneuver in narrow spaces where large excavators cannot be used. Regardless of the size of the job site, the compact excavator is capable to complete any job with high control and accuracy while increasing the productivity.

Ideas For Choosing Popular Mini Excavator Attachments

However, many applications require additional excavator attachments to be used. For example, the standard bucket is not suitable and is not used for demolition works. For demolition works, the bucket is replaced with a hammer. For quick and easy attachment changes, most excavator models come with a quick-coupler mechanism. This mechanism is becoming a standard feature. When choosing mini excavator attachments, you need to consider several important factors. Here are some ideas for using mini excavator attachments:

For Demolition Works: Hammers (Breakers) – If you want to turn your compact excavator into a powerful and accurate machine for demolition works, look for hydraulic breaker or hammer in the market. This is one of the most popular excavator attachments, used mainly for demolition works. In order to choose the best hammer for your applications, consider the weight of your mini excavator. Usually, the hammers are classified by the impact energy class.

For Digging, Moving And Holding: Thumbs (Clamps) – When equipped with thumbs, the compact excavators are capable to perform more efficient digging. A compact excavator with a thumb attachment can be used for a variety of tasks on any job-site. It can be used for removing concrete chunks after demolition works, removing debris during site preparation or for moving rocks for landscaping projects. The unique compact design of the mini excavator allows the operators to perform even in the tightest areas.

For Drilling Applications: Augers – The augers are the obvious choice for drilling applications, since they give the compact excavators an incredible digging ability. Switch your general-purpose bucket with an auger, and turn your excavator into an efficient digging and trenching machine. The auger attachment has a great outreach, giving the excavator more flexibility and versatility. Although there are other drilling excavator attachments, the augers are definitely the most popular tools.