Ideas For Using Magnetic Separator in Various Applications


When it comes to separating/removing magnetic compounds from a specific mixture, people immediately think of magnetic separator. It is the most efficient machine used in different industry sectors for separating magnetic materials. The main parts of magnetic separator are: vibratory feeder, lower belt, and a magnet assembly mounted on the upper belt. For the best results, you need choose the right magnetic separator. In order to choose the most suitable magnetic separator for your application, you need to consider many factors. The first and the most important factor is to choose a magnetic separator that has enough capacity for your specific application. Other factors include: type of components or raw materials you are dealing with, moisture content, shape of mixed magnetic substances, amount of materials you use, and amount of mixed magnetic substances.

For different applications, there are different magnetic separators. For example, for iron removal applications, the suspended electro-magnetic separator is the ideal machine. It doesn’t include moving parts and has a simple construction. The negative side of the electro-magnetic separator is that it is capable to separate small amounts of iron pieces. Another popular magnetic separator among the operators is the induction type magnetic separator. It is ideal for separating weak magnetic compounds. The induction type magnetic separator is often used for removing iron from non-ferrous minerals.

The drum type magnetic separator is another popular separator which is heavily utilized because of its incredible versatility. Through a loading port, raw materials enter the drum type magnetic separator and end up in the rotary drum. Half of the drum is magnetic and it can be manually adjusted by the operator. The magnetic compounds are being discharged through a specific discharge port, while the non-magnetic compounds through another port. Additionally, this magnetic separator is lightweight and easy to operate, yet offering a powerful magnetic force and large processing capacity.

Removing magnetic compounds from specific mixtures is a common procedure in many different fields. Here are few common ideas for using a magnetic separator:

  • Mining and steel making industry: To separate steel materials and collect iron from residues.
  • Plant and machinery industry: To treat scraps and to collect flux.
  • Chemical industry: To remove iron from raw materials and waste fluid.
  • For cement, sand, feed, textile and fabric: To remove iron from raw materials and mixed machined parts.
  • Food and candy making industry: To remove magnetic compounds from raw materials and other similar substances in the manufacturing process.
  • Non-ferrous and casting: To remove magnetic compounds from casting chips and sand.
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