Ideas for Outdoor Lighting – Make Your Garden Magically Glow in the Dark

This time of the year is just perfect for chilling in your garden enjoying the fresh summer air. The nights are warmer, the stars are brighter, the wind is more pleasant – what more is there to wish for? Well, for one – the perfect lighting to set the mood. And lighting can go a long way in terms of your home’s exterior design. By combining different outdoor lighting options you can add more interest and character to your garden.

You can easily transform your garden’s colourful day look into a dramatic and elegant one during the night. And not to mention how the right lighting can enhance your house’s architectural features and make it more noticeable even when seen from a distance. But most importantly, proper lighting can add more functionality by illuminating the driveway and pointing out tricky areas such as steps. So, if you are curious about how to unleash your home’s outdoor evening potential, here are some lighting ideas you might want to consider.


Functionality and Protection with Bunker Lights

Walking through the garden at night can be very dangerous as you can easily slip and fall on the many things you’ve got lying around. The areas where you frequently walk through need to be completely illuminated for maximum safety. Achieve this by putting bunker light fittings pointed at these areas. There’s a reason I tell you to go with bunker lights – like their name suggests, they are LED lights powerful enough to light up a completely dark bunker. Plus, the majority of them have an IP54 rating, meaning they can withstand a number of outside elements like heavy rain, wind, solid objects, dust and whatnot. Install bunker light fittings on the ceiling over the doorway and on the walls over the windows as a means of protection from burglars. A potential intruder will think twice before breaking in when such a bright light is directly pointed at him.


Lanterns and Posts for a Curb Appeal that Wows

What better way to create a powerful entrance to your yard than by welcoming guests with the glare of a light post? Two vintage adjacent posts on each side on the beginning of the walkway will ceryainly make your yard look more inviting. You can also put more of them around any key functional areas such as an arbour, a garden bench or a table – just be careful to not over do it or it will seem too kitschy. And if you want to accent the vintage classy atmosphere of light posts with a little romantic mood, the best way to do it is by adding garden lanterns. You can use them to softly illuminate the pathway, or just spread them around the lawn or wherever you want to – they are so soft and delicate that you cannot go wrong in any way.

A Fairytale Look with Landscape Lights

Landscape lights are those soft tiny flickers of light you see around people’s gardens and think they are fireflies. Well, now you too can add the cute magical illusion of fireflies without having any actual bugs doing damage to your beautiful plants. These lights are perfect for mounting them in bushes, making a line of them around the patio or in front of your yard fence. I’d suggest you get creative and spread them around the lawn in your favourite constellation, it will truly increase the overall mysticism they exhibit.