Bedroom Design Ideas Easy to Ace: Give Your Kids an Inspiring Space

Designing a kid’s room requires more than just a few animal art prints and Disney inspired curtains. After all, a kid’s bedroom is more than just a place to get the ZZZs. It’s where children play, read, do homework and study, and even daydream. You need to design a place where your children will not only be drifting off to dreamland in comfort, but will also be encouraged to express their creativity. From wall paint to rugs, there’s certainly a lot to consider, but the key is making the room functional. So, first things first – a comfortable mattress.

Getting a quality mattress is crucial and spending extra will definitely pay off in the long run. As children grow, their bones grow too and during this process, it is vitally important that they sleep on a mattress that provides the proper degree of support for their spine. You can find mattresses on the market ranging from the single mattress to super king size mattress. However, a single mattress makes the perfect option for a kid’s bedroom as it doesn’t take up much space and is large enough to accommodate the child as he/she grows up.

What you can save on is the headboard. With few creative ideas and tools, you can easily create a custom-made headboard that will add décor drama to the space. For example, with a piece of MDF (medium density fiberboard), fabric, foam, fabric glue and a staple gun, you can create a tufted headboard like this one:

Bedroom Design

Wall Art

Walls adorned with gallery-style wall décor is an uprising trend and this is a great way to celebrate different styles of art. The best part of this trend is that it can be done without breaking the bank. Whether with one or various colours, an accent wall featuring family photos, kids drawings and wall décor is an interesting way to add some personal touch to your kid’s room.

Bedroom Design 2

Reuse Old Pieces of Furniture

Instead of buying a new matching furniture set, you can use individual pieces that you have been accumulating over time. This is not only a great way to save some bucks, but depending on the piece, it can be an efficient way to achieve a colorful and eclectic look.

Bedroom Design 3

Create Unique Detail By Hand

You may not be a DIY lover, but your kid will certainly appreciate having even one small detail in his/her room made by you. Printing a graphic for framing or crafting a decorative bunting is a great way for you to embrace the DIY trend and add more interest to the room.