Solar Powered Street Lights: Get the Idea of Energy Efficient Street Lighting

Over the last few decades, we’ve been the witnesses of fast growing cityscapes, partly due to the vast job possibilities and the other part because of the beauty of city life itself. As a city-dweller myself, I must admit I’ve always been in love with this lifestyle and never wanted to trade it with peaceful days at the countryside (even with all the hustle and bustle). What is it about cityscapes that makes them so appealing, you ask?


Perhaps it’s just me, but every city has its own particular aroma. The moment you find yourself strolling through its streets, soaking up all the aromas, you feel you become at one with where you are and seeing all the secrets it has to offer, like hidden alleys and interesting shops and cafés are certainly part of the charm. But, it’s not just daily strolls I’m talking about, it’s the night ones that especially win me over. Every city becomes magical at night and we have Nikola Tesla to thank for it. Yet, since his dream of free energy never came to fruition, it wasn’t until present day solar powered street lights invention that energy efficient lighting took over the streets.

What is it about these lights that’s so fascinating? For one, it’s the ingenuity of their design, and as second – their durability. The solar panel that solar powered street lights are comprised of is a cell that gathers up sun energy which is then stored in a rechargeable battery cell that gets activated through a photocell or timer when the sun is out, so the LED light is set on, lighting up with the sun stored energy in the battery. The presence of LEDs means there’s little to no maintenance needed, and durability thanks to the ability to withstand all sorts of weather conditions.


The materials they are made of, predominantly aluminium and steel, put rusting out of the picture and that’s also a reason to consider implementing these lights into your yard as well. The great beam angle, colour rendering index and convenient run time are some of their eco-friendly features, enough to make them the best option there is when it comes to energy efficient and green street lighting. There’s considerable cutting down on expenses wherever these lights are present. It’s an incredible concept, just to imagine preserving the sun’s energy and then reusing it to create the magical cityscapes at night. Next time you enjoy the beauty of a city at night, remember to enjoy the magic lights create.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.