Ideas for a Sleek Bathroom – Why We Love Frameless Shower Enclosures


Frameless bathroom showers have gained much popularity in the last few years as many homeowners have developed a taste for clean and minimalist aesthetics. Manufacturers have seen the need for flawless and modern shower options and have created a wide selection of frameless shower designs and styles to meet different people’s needs and tastes. And since the bathroom should be a relaxation sanctuary, the clean and sleek lines of frameless shower enclosures are just the right fit. Here are some of the reasons why the design savvy love them so much.

Make your bathroom appear bigger

If you strive towards achieving a more compact design in your home, high performance and efficiency are essential for making the most out of the space you have. A frameless bathroom shower is completely transparent, with no frame or heavy construction to visually burden the space. This helps to make that space look lighter and the view behind it (if any) won’t be obstructed. Depending on your bathroom’s design, the shower can take up a great deal of the space. In this case, a solid or opaque shower enclosure may make the room seem claustrophobic. For that very reason, a transparent glass construction is a perfect way to keep that space airy, open, and light.


Let the light get in

Small and closed spaces like bathrooms need natural light in order to feel more spacious. Whether your bathroom features a window or just a lighting wall fixture, a glass shower enclosure will allow light to easily disperse through that space. Your shower can be completely enclosed with a shower enclosure but it will still look light and open.

Show off your bathroom design

If you’ve invested in a stunning bathroom remodel, you probably want it to look its best so that you can fully enjoy its perks. By offering a completely transparent view with no structures, bars or frame, floating showers allow you to fully appreciate the design of the room. It will ensure that any particular pieces of artistic design can be seen – from tile work to innovative structural design.

Low maintenance

As for the maintenance part, since frameless bathroom showers have no metal, the only thing you should clean is the surface of the glass. And if you squeegee the glass after every shower, you will cut cleaning by 95%. Water stains are really the only thing to worry about! For outstanding results in your bathroom, a frameless shower is an ultimate way to go!

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