Ideas for Creating a Contemporary Dining Room Sure to Impress

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the dining room is its face. Just think about it. Whenever we have family or friends over, we tend to welcome them into our dining room more than into any other room. With that being said, the dining room is one of the most important decorating projects for a homeowner. So, if you’re a fan of all things current and your home is styled in a contemporary way, it only makes sense that you want your dining room to look the part too. To help you put together a contemporary dining room that will impress your guests, here are some great ideas.

contemporary designer dining chair2

Use Mismatched Chairs

Dining rooms in the past used to be styled in a very uniform way, with walls, sideboards, dining table and chairs all in the same colour and design. With that being said, a matchy-matchy dining room design has the potential of looking monotonous. So, instead of lazily settling for an arranged dining set, why not add some variety. Variety can make your space more memorable, and the easiest way to add it is by using mismatched chairs. You can use a combination of different contemporary designer dining chairs, or you can use the same type of chairs but in a different colour. With the unlimited range of contemporary designer dining chairs to choose from, it’s really a shame to settle for a single design. You can even throw a bench into the mix – because, why not?

contemporary designer dining chairs1

Get Inspired By Geometry

Consider modern and contemporary architecture – it’s always heavily influenced by geometry. So, a great way to add a modern vibe to your dining room is to fill it with geometric shapes. This can be done both explicitly and inexplicitly. The explicit way is to include decorative items with geometrical patterns like for instance a rug or some wall art. The less explicit way is to use furniture and lighting fixtures with distinct geometrical features. Like for instance, try hanging a metal chandelier featuring elements in a rectangular, circular or triangular shape. In the case of furniture, opt for contemporary designer dining chairs with smooth, clean, geometric shapes such as the Krafter chair or the Eames dining chair which have a geometric feel to them.

Use a Basic Background

In contemporary interiors, less is more. But even though you’re supposed to use as few elements as possible, each piece will stand out on its own as long as you use a background that’s subtle. This means having your walls painted white or in another neutral colour, avoiding heavy window treatments and curtains, and installing clean, hardwood floors. This way, your dining room table and chairs will grab even more attention.