Get an Idea of the Different Types of Bathroom Blinds

Whether you’re cooking, taking a shower, sleeping or watching a TV, being able to wear whatever you want (or as little as you want) while at home is crucial. That type of privacy can be conveniently achieved with the right types of shades. That being said, when it comes to choosing blinds/shutters for the bathroom, the number of considerations increases compared to other rooms for many reasons. The key impactful aspects when choosing bathroom shades should be insulation, light control and privacy of course. In light of that, the ideal ones for a bathroom should be functional and able to withstand all the moisture. There are several models to choose from.

Roller Blinds

Economical, fast and easy to use – these are the three things that best describe these types of bathroom blinds. Roller blinds are among the most favoured types of blind for a bathroom as they can provide the user with privacy, insulation and light control. With the help of a mechanism, the blind’s fabric can roll up and unroll down for easier handling, and when it comes to choosing the right material, the chosen one should be mould and mildew resistant, and one that is easy to clean.

Plantation Shutters

Without any doubt, plantation shutters are one of the most popular types of shutters not just for bathrooms but for the overall home as well. They have been present on the market since ever, and are here to stay for a long time. There are lots of plantation shutters bathroom options to choose from, but so far the PVC versions are the most ideal for the purpose. They are resistant to moisture and humidity and extremely easy to clean. As an addition, all PVC plantation shutters bathroom models are strong and hard-wearing, where each blade is usually reinforced with an aluminium core which results in strong shutters that won’t wrap, crack or peel over time. In addition, there are some that have a split tilt which enables the top part of the shutter to be open and the bottom to be closed for privacy. One thing is certain, these types of shutters have the power to transform any type of bathroom by adding style and sophistication to it.


Venetian Blinds

Although Venetian blinds are usually made of wood, today’s versions can be also made of PVC, making it ideal for bathrooms and other spaces which are exposed to moisture and heat. Free from messy cords, these types of blinds can be made of lightweight PVC material which allows them to be raised up or lowered down through the help of tilt wand for view, light control or privacy.

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