Boogying Is Always a Good Idea: Choosing Dancing Cowboy Boots

If you’re a fan of line dancing, you’re probably familiar with all the benefits of this unique dance. This fun activity brings people together, allowing you to expand your circle of friends. And the best part is, you don’t have to know all the exact moves, you just need to join the party, enjoy the music and do what everyone else is doing. Oh, and have the right boots.

cowboy boots for dancing


Your feet can get quite the beating when line dancing, especially if you perform the famous Boot Scootin’ Boogie, Bossy Boots or the Blazing Boots line dancing steps. You’ve probably been there: out in your favourite bar, enjoying drinks with your friends and ready for two-stepping all night. Yet, instead of tearing up the dance floor, you find yourself sitting on your table by the second song because your feet are killing you. While wearing wide fit shoes might be a good idea, a good pair of special dancing cowboy boots is the best solution for your dancing troubles. Comfortable, attractive and easy on the feet, with the right pair of country dance boots, you can be the next line dancing queen or king on the party.

Heel Height

If you want to blend in the crowd while learning the moves, you need to choose boots with appropriate heel height. Classic cowboy boots have a raised, rounded heel and they’re the most popular boots for dancing. What heel height you choose can make a difference not only in your height but also in the sound your boots make while dancing. Make sure that the heel of the boots you choose is between 2 and 4.5 cm high. Choosing a heel higher than this can make some moves difficult to impossible.

There are a variety of modern dancing cowboy boots available, so if you want a lower heel, you can opt for a pair of ropers. These boots come with a narrow toe box, much like the cowboy boots, but with a lower-rise straight heel. Roper heels also tend to be larger in diameter, so they can help you if you want the more stable feeling that a shorter, wider heel offers.

Smooth & Slippery Outsole

When choosing most types of boots or shoes, you want them with soles that provide traction to keep you from slipping and sliding on the ground. Well, this is not the case when it comes to line dancing boots. You want your dancing boots to let you slip, slide, and spin around on the floor easily. Leather soles are the best choice for this purpose since they glide easily across the floor. Suede soles are also a good option. However, if you find a boot style you love, but it only comes with a rubber sole, you can get a leather cover for the outsoles, or replace the soles completely to make them perfect for dancing.

cowboy boots for dancing



Since line dancing boots are designed for a lot of movement, you need to make sure that you choose a model made from a material that has everything: looks, feel, comfort and durability. Leather is a top choice when it comes to a soft, durable and breathable dancing shoe. Pigskin and kipskin are often used for manufacturing cowboy boots, while snakeskin is used for more exclusive fashion designs. Leather is light, strong and subtle, and most importantly, it’s breathable. All these qualities make leather perfect material for dancing cowboy boots.


Deciding on the colour is the final step of your dancing boots buying journey. Choosing your colourful leather boots and establishments can be a lot of fun. However, if you want your cowboy boots to match everything you wear while on the dance floor, it might be a smart idea to stick to neutral colours such as brown, beige or black. Once you decide to invest in a second par, you can opt for a colourful one that directs everyone’s eyes on you.

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What Are the Most Comfortable Western Boots?

There are many models of western boots on the market, which might make your decision extra complicated. To help you, I’ve narrowed down the most comfortable line dancing boots for both women and men.

Women’s Dingo Olivia DI526 Line Dancing Boot

If you want to look good and feel good, this stylish, yet comfortable Olivia boot might be a perfect fit for you. Designed with both comfort and aesthetics in mind, these fancy beige cowboy boots are simply born for the dance floor. They feature a perfectly slouched pigskin leather shaft that is finished with a concho strap and lovely silver stars. What makes these boots even more stylish, is the silver accented fashion toe. The complementary harness and chain add even more style. The Dingo Olivia boots come with a comfort cushion insole which makes them ideal not only for dancing but also for everyday wear.

Men’s Sendra 13659 Black Western Ankle Boot

These timeless Sendra ankle boots are handmade in Spain. Made from the finest black leather, they feature a fashion toe and stylish side zip for easy putting on and off. The interior lining is also leather, delivering superior comfort. The medium Cuban heel is designed to add a cool edge to your look. The fashion toe and leather sole joins a Goodyear welt to complete these stunning boots. Light, sophisticated and very durable, these shoes can easily turn to your favourite line dancing footwear. Their classy look makes them ideal for multiple occasions. You can dress them down with your favourite jeans for a dancing night out, or match them with a slim-cut suit and be ready for any black-tie event.