Get an Idea of How to Find the Best Jeans for Mature Women

As we get wiser with age, it gets easier for us to know what is and what isn’t right for our body. We learn how to stop feeling discouraged because something we like on other people, simply may not look that good on us, and we learn to love and work with what we have. However, we still find ourselves confused about some fashion matters, like what is or isn’t acceptable for women over some age. And when it comes to pants, women jeans, in particular, things get even more confusing. Should we, or shouldn’t we be wearing them now that we are over 40?



Jeans – One Type of Pants to Rule them All

Jeans are the most magical pants. They are an inevitable garment in almost every woman’s closet, around which countless outfits are built. They look nice, can be part of casual and formal styles alike, go nicely with all kinds of footwear, come in many designs and styles, etc. The best news for women who aren’t willing to stop wearing them after 40, 50 or 60, is that there are mature womens jeans suitable for every body type.

Jeans for Contemporary Mature Women

Mature women often find themselves wondering if they should simply stop wearing jeans, as many ‘experts’ say they should. However, truth be told – in many fashion dilemmas like this one, the answer depends only on you, and rules that dictate such things are nothing but opinions. The world has changed its expectations of older people to look more serious and formal every time they leave the house. So, the notion that a mature person shouldn’t look casual is simply untrue. This is not to say that casual or any other style is better than others for mature women.

However, there is nothing wrong with incorporating some contemporary fashion in your mature dressing style. And, just as contemporary doesn’t only mean young, jeans aren’t just for young women. And why should the feeling of freedom that wearing jeans provokes in us be exclusively for younger people?



No Age Limit on Jeans

Choosing the right fit pants is one of the biggest challenges for women of all ages, but even more so for mature women. Many times, women have a problem finding the ideal pair for them because they don’t take their body’s changes into account. We all know how good jeans look in so many outfits. However, things that used to look on us, won’t necessarily look good on us now. So, the only thing that can possibly stand between you and a beautiful outfit with jeans is not knowing the right fit for your body type.

Wearing poorly fitting pants can look unflattering on anyone, regardless of their age or their gender. And when it comes to mature women, it can feel like they’re making you look older, or like they don’t compliment your physique. If you feel like that, forget every rule you used to follow when you were buying pants. Start from scratch and learn about your body changes. In fact, let’s forget all the rules we’ve learned about age-appropriate dressing, accessorising, makeup, and overall look – within reason, of course.

Let’s forget about how young or old you should be to wear mature womens jeans, sneakers or a dress. We know what we want, what we like, and what feels appropriate. This way, instead of giving up jeans entirely, you could find what makes you feel most comfortable, what looks best on you when you look at yourself in the mirror and what boosts your self-confidence.

No Style Limit on Jeans

Although there aren’t really rules as to what is and what isn’t mature, of course, the sky is not the limit. Not only our taste evolves with us as we grow, but also there are some outfits that just don’t look right at certain ages. A teenage outfit, for instance, will look out of place on a 40-year-old person or on a toddler, just like baby clothes will look out of place on anyone who’s not a baby. In terms of jeans, models with a very low waist or extremely ripped jeans will almost always look strange on a mature woman.

To find the correct fit, look at the waist rise, the upper leg and the lower leg. This combination of measurement can help you in your jeans-exploration. Having all this in mind, here are some general ideas and a few simple things to consider when buying jeans.




Lower waist, like almost everything, looks good on very skinny people. However, if you have some belly fat, the low waist will press on it, creating a so-called muffin top. This is especially true for jeans since they tend to be inelastic in the waist. Higher waists, on the other hand, hide belly fat and can make your legs look longer.

Types of Jeans

Skinny jeans, the new classic amongst ladies jeans, elastic jeans, and even leggings, have become very popular for mature women. They look nice and can be combined in many ways. If you don’t like skinny jeans, try sticking to simpler models: classic boot cut, straight-leg, boyfriend jeans, etc. Not only do they look good on almost anyone, but the simpler they are the better they go with different styles.


Denim is versatile, and blue is a must. However, it’s a great idea to also own white, black, multicoloured or jeans in lively colours. White jeans are great for summer, black can be combined with anything. And they can all be the perfect base for any style you go for.


High heels, short heels, sandals, boots, sneakers, everything can look great with jeans. Depending on what kind of look you are going for, think of a combination, put it together and see how you feel about it. Jeans are like a canvas. As long as you combine the colours nicely, everything from a simple white shirt, a blazer, a jacket, a jumper, all the way to fancy shirts and blouses, will be the perfect match.