Urban Fashion Ideas: Nail Your Style With Hip Hop Clothing

Hip Hop first appeared in the Bronx, New York City in the early ’70s. It was created as a distraction during the economic recession in the United States by people who went through financial and psychological difficulties. So, basically, hip hop was a form of expression by marginalized social groups. From the moment the first rappers stepped on the scene it was clear that hip hop was not just music, but an art movement.

hip hop style clothing for women


Rappers knew how to unite people, no matter their race, age or gender, so hip hop rapidly evolved and became recognized as a culture. Hip hop eventually started to creep its way into politics and to have a major impact on the fashion world. Artists started wearing multicoloured leather jackets, tees, sweat suits, bold sneakers and accessories like gold rope chains, Kangol caps, designer shoes and non-prescription Cazal frames all of which have become timeless pieces of hip hop style clothing for women and men.

As the genre evolved, it was impossible to ignore the unique flavour that female hip hop artists brought to the game. They did not come into the rap game only to perform, but to set a standard for women’s streetwear.

Brief History of Hip Hop Fashion Through the Years


It all began with the first female rap crew called the Mercedes Ladies. Their style was rather classic and conservative, nothing like the hip hop style that we know today. They were all dressed the same way in gold-themed button-up shirts, black form-fitting jeans and kitten heels that were part of women’s urban clothing.


This is when the baggy style we are all familiar with today emerged. Oversized tees with baggy jeans, jacket and snapback were an inevitable part of women’s streetwear in the ’80s. However, even though women wore oversized clothes at that time, they still looked feminine and sexy.

Hip Hop Style 90s


Hip Hop and Its Influence on 90’s Fashion

Hip hop clothing became a unique style in the ’90s and it was highly influenced by the African American styles of the youth in New York. This fashion soon spread across all over America and then worldwide. That time the very famous singer Aaliyah, brought the fashion trend among women and eventually, everyone started wearing baggy pants, crop tops, flannels and clothes in bright colours. There were other artists who wore African chains and deadlocks which were very popular during the ’90s.

By the mid-’90s, the “barely there” look arrived on the scene. Even though there were still musicians who wore oversized clothes, there were singers like Lil Kim who started wearing a style filled with sex appeal. That’s how bright coloured leotards with shorts and a funky fur and snakeskin knee-high boots came into fashion. Women became braver in experimenting with different combinations.

Hip Hop Style Today

Today, there is not just one particular style of women’s urban clothing. The hip hop decades have managed to find their place in today’s fashion world as well. Hip hop influencers combine pieces of clothing from different periods of the hip hop era with contemporary pieces. The beauty of it all is that nowadays there are online stores that offer hip hop style clothing for women and men at affordable prices, so everyone can afford to have a couple of chic garments in this iconic style.

Today, modern hip hop trends differ from those in the 90s. But one thing is for sure, all hip hop trends include casual sportswear, oversized hoodies, baggy pants, crop tops, bomber jackets, minimalistic sweatsuits, loose overalls, dark denim and multiple accessories. So, as you can see, clothes that usually define hip hop style are loose, oversized and comfortable. There are a few staple pieces that every hip hop fashionista should have in their closet.

A Colourful Pair of Sweatpants

Today there are more choices when it comes to choosing sweatpants than ever. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from fashion hip hop dance pants to tight-fitting crop pants, combined with a pair of high heels or bold sneakers. You can combine them with a crop top and a hoodie or a jersey, so you can change your hip hop look from flab to fab in a minute. If you want to go completely retro, consider wearing tracksuits or spandex pants.

Casual or High Style Shoes Converse


Casual or High Style Shoes

Today shoes come in a variety of styles, colours and patterns. If you prefer a casual style, you can choose a pair of white bold sneakers, bright coloured high top sneakers or neutral colour Converse. Whichever you choose, you will not make a mistake because they are all comfortable, stylish and will level up your casual look. If you are more into high style shoes, go for fashionable stilettos or high heel over-the-knee boots.

Top Off Your Outfit With a Baseball Cap

Adding a stylish baseball cap to your outfit will complete your look. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a cap with your favourite sports team logo, but just a casual cap. They come in variety of colours, graphics and styles so you can buy a couple of them and pair them accordingly.


Accessories are those finishing touches that can instantly elevate your outfit. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune on them to look like a hip hop diva. You can go for minimalistic rings, belt buckles and watches that are within your budget, You can also complete your look with simple hoop earrings and a petite chain.

Choose Clothes That Fit Your Body Type

It is very important to wear clothes that fit your body type. The garments you choose should make you feel cool, comfortable and should express your taste.