Wallpaper Design: Ideas That Will Steal Your Heart

Some of you might have a preconceived notion that wallpapers are outdated, but this could not be further from the truth. Wallpapers are a great way to add something interesting to a room that might be looking a little dull. Below we’ll go over a few different wallpaper design ideas that are modern, chic, and will most certainly update your home.


Striped Wallpaper

This is something that can make a room look bigger as well as make a statement. You can get neutral colours or something that will pop. If you opt for something more neutral you can easily incorporate it into a colour scheme. Stripes are a classic pattern that will never go out of style.


Brick/Wood Wallpaper

Of course, these are not real bricks, but it sure does look like it. If you have always wanted a brick feature wall or a wooden one, you can easily fake it with wallpaper. There is no need for you to demolish any walls if you want that look. You can easily achieve the same eye catching look with brick wallpaper.


Damask Wallpaper

This has also become a trend in wallpaper over the last few years. It can make a room feel almost regal to be in. It certainly leaves an impression but is not so harsh on the eyes. You can really match this pattern just try to keep furniture more one colour, and don’t try to mash up patterns as it can look a bit chaotic. This wallpaper really works in neutrals or deep rich gemstone colours.


Geometric Wallpaper

Now I want you to get rid of that mental image of horrible 70’s geometric wallpaper, the latest patterns are nothing like that. These geometric wallpapers can really bring a vibe of classiness and refinement. They certainly stand out but if you tie them into a room correctly with updated and modern pieces they look just right. Geometric wallpapers have evolved a lot over the last few years and can really make a room look put together.


Modern Floral Wallpapers

That hideous floral we have all seen at grandmas house is gone! These modern floral prints fit right into this decade. They are refined, visually stunning, and bring a sense of femininity at the same time. These prints are gorgeous and can look really great in the right setting. Take this unique take on florals, for example, the metallic silver looks so great against the setting of lilac furniture and floorboards.


Textured Wallpapers

Textured wallpaper can really bring another dimension to a room. If the wallpaper were flat it could look a little dull and more like paint. Whereas by adding a slight texture to it you bring out the wall to catch the viewers eye more. It’s prominent but it’s not overpowering at all like some prints can be. It goes well in every room so you can incorporate a colour theme throughout the house.


Tile Wallpaper

Just like the brick wallpaper, you can also fake this cool tile effect. Tiling a whole room can be a lot of work not to mention expensive. Luckily now we can also fake tiles with this cool wallpaper. You might not even be able to find tiles like these, with wallpaper you can add details that you simply can’t do with tile.