A Few Ideas to Help You Master the Art of Decorating a Coffee Table

occasional tables

A room that lacks decoration, and at first glance looks kind of empty and soulless, could use a little attention through decorating the coffee table. If your living room is designed in a rather clean, simple way without too much decorative elements and additional pieces, the coffee table is the perfect way to add a little charm to the room. Here are a few creative ideas.

Trays could do so much more

Trays are part of the kitchen ensemble, if I can say it that way. However, since they have evolved in their design so much and look so gorgeous, they’re no longer used only for carrying food or drinks. Some examples of the tray palette look so good that they’ve become an important decorative piece for occasional tables. They allow you to use layering as a decorative process for the occasional table: you can place the tray in the middle of the table and put in it anything from a flower vase to candle holders and decorative books.

Candle holders or lanterns?

We instantly think of lanterns as decorations for the outside space – the patio, a very well designed yard or a balcony. It is not that common to see lanterns as decorations for the inside, in this case, as a beautifying addition to occasional tables. Candle holders are perfectly fine, but they’re the classic go-to coffee table decoration and one would simply expect to see them in a room. So, if you’re looking for a change and for a way to add an unexpected element in your living room design, go with a fancy lantern for the coffee table. You can match the colour and the design of the lantern with the rest of the room’s design, or with some other decorative element such as the pillows.

The simple way: elegance

If you like to keep the simplicity of your living room, then your coffee table shouldn’t be burdened with too much decorations, like it would be if you followed other more modern styles. Simplicity is the first step to elegance in interior design and the second step is a tastefully made flower arrangement. Flowers are a decoration by themselves, and a well chosen flower arrangement can certainly add a dash of style to a room. That, of course, would depend largely on the flowers you’ll choose: are you more into the gentle beauty of pink roses, or into the bloody red and bold hues? Add to that the volume of the bouquet and you have the perfect decoration for your simple and elegant coffee table.

These are just a few of the many ideas on the different ways you could change the look of your living room. You can work with the coffee table in so many ways since there are so many room styles you can use for this space.