5 Ideas for Antique Glass and Crystal Door Knobs

Antique glass door knobs are a stunning addition to any home whether they are used on a bedroom door or on doors out into your back garden. They add a bit of sparkle to your home, reflecting light that welcomes you into the room.

While decorative when used as door handles, there are many more things you can use vintage glass and crystal knobs for other than to open a door. Especially if you rent, these ideas will give you a chance to utilize these stunning decorative features without changing the existing knobs your landlord provided.

  1. Draw the curtains with an antique door knob tie-back
    Crystal door knobs sparkle when they are touched by sunlight, so why not take advantage of that and place them near a window? Mount a door handle onto your window frame. Then draw your curtains back and hook them behind the knob to let the sun in and add some shine.the-knob
  2. Hang picture frames from your Victorian door knobs
    Create a feature wall showing off your family photos with a creative twist. Mount your antique door knobs onto your wall. Then hang your pictures using twine, chains, or string for a rustic look, being sure the frames hang well below the door knobs. We don’t want to hide those door handle details.
  3. Hang your towels in the bathroom
    Your bathroom deserves a bit flare just like any room in your house. Mount a vintage door knob onto a wood frame and then add small hooks in similar finishes to hang your towels on.
  4. Use a vintage glass door knob as a toilet paper holder
    This idea will add a little bit of cheeky charm to your bathroom. Remove the rode from your toilet roll holder. Take one of the glass door handles off the bar. Slide a new roll of toilet paper onto the rod and replace the door knob. Then set the roll back into the groves or hooks meant for the toilet holder rod. Repeat this process to replace your toilet paper.
  5. Make antique crystal door knobs coat rack
    Make a one of a kind coat rack to decorate the front entrance of your home using a piece of salvaged or aged wood from an old mantel piece or bookshelf.

    Then mount a few different vintage crystal door knobs onto the wood, these will become your coat hooks. Mix up brass with copper and chrome to add interest. Combine with coat hooks for a decorative and functional look. Or make this project on a smaller scale using mismatched furniture knobs to hang necklaces or ties in your dressing area, in this case the knobs can be mounted closer together.


Whether you use them on doors or as decorative features, glass and crystal door knobs give that heritage touch to your home.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.