Yoga Mat: Your Ally in the Quest for Mental Clarity and Well-Being

There are two types of people you can meet in today’s frantic world: those who look like a train hit them, always on the phone screaming and yelling, nervous and just looking for someone to take it out on. I really feel for those people; they have so much on their minds, a demanding job, a family and tons of other obligations to take care of. Judging by the way they function and look, they don’t cope well with the everyday stress they go through. And that takes its taxes on their body, overall health and appearance. Then, there’s this other group of people with a very calm look on their faces, all perfectly dressed and with their flawless makeup on, laughing on the phone and settling all things on timely fashion. I’ll take the liberty to assume they’re not on sedatives, but on something a lot smarter and effective – yoga.

Yoga Mats Australia

For the majority of people, yoga is a symbol for the ability to be able to put your legs behind your neck. That’s some flexibility there, but that’s not what yoga is all about. Sure, there’s the element of body strength, good posture and being extremely flexible, but there’s something else in the picture as well. There’s also mental health, connection with your mind and inner-self and an envious amount of peace and calmness. Should you try to do it? Definitely. Before you begin that wonderful adventure, you first need to pay a visit to a yoga mats Australia store and get your most important piece of equipment: the yoga mat.

You know how compression tights are crucial for fitness practitioners and running shoes are for runners? In that same manner, the yoga mat is crucial for yoga doers. The mat is not just a piece of material on which you’ll be sitting, but it has a rather bigger meaning.

For starters, the yoga mat defines your space; it represents the area where you can function, breathe and perform all the various movements. It’s kind of a mental personal space – like the one we like to say we have in our everyday lives. Similarly, that mat signals that noone is allowed to interrupt your personal space – which kind of forms the habit for respecting the concept. Before you start searching through yoga mats Australia retailers for your perfect mat, you should get familirized with a few basic things.

You need a padded mat

A brand new yoggi would be in front of a major challenge: develop body strength through the various poses. If the floor is slippery, you won’t be able to do the pose without falling and doing damage. That’s why you need a padded mat so that it doesn’t slip when you do a downward dog, for instance.

Splurge a little

You need a good, quality mat which means you’ll want a good grip, possibly a foam one, of high quality and maybe a designer one. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about; when it comes to spoiling yourself, it’s a good thing to spend a little more on the mat.

Choose something colourful and fun

Just because yoga is demanding both physically and mentally, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun. Choose a mat in some bold colour with an interesting print on it to make it more customized and appealing. We all know how much appearance influences our desire to workout and give 101% of ourself to do the exercises perfectly.