What Makes Lifting Your HiLux a Great Idea?

If you want to give off-road driving a go with your HiLux, then you need to do some adequate modifications on it in order to ensure a pleasant and complete experience. Even though the HiLux is one of the toughest vehicles ever made, it’s still not suitable for off-road driving in its stock condition, simply because it’s not well-protected and properly elevated. Elevating your HiLux is arguably the most cost-efficient way to prepare it for off-road driving. There are a few different ways to do it, with the most popular one being a full body lift.


You can buy a body lift for your HiLux from a specialised Toyota HiLux part store. That way, you can ensure compatibility, and you can get advice on how to properly install the body lift from a licensed HiLux professional. You’ll find many Toyota HiLux part online and physical stores, simply because the HiLux is so popular in Australia. Once you install a body lift kit, you’ll notice some improvements when driving it, such as the following.

Improved Ground Clearance


Arguably the biggest benefit of installing a full body lift kit is the improved ground clearance. A normal HiLux can get stuck in a rut easily, while a lifted HiLux would have no issues just driving over them without having to give it a second thought. Additionally, you won’t have to pay attention to the angle of the departure, approach and breakover of your HiLux. These angles indicate the steepness levels that your HiLux can climb, the steepest grade you can drive through without bumping your rear bumper, and how steep of a crest your HiLux can overcome. Typically, the higher your truck is off the ground, the better those angles are.

Improved Towing Potential


Elevating your truck will give you more towing potential, which can come in very handy when driving off the beaten trail. Your ability to help others and yourself will improve immensely simply because a higher center of gravity makes it safer and easier for you to haul heavier objects, such as other trucks, a trailer or even a boat. Speaking of boats, an elevated HiLux lets you launch the boat into the water much easier, and prevents water from getting into your truck’s interior before the boat goes off.

Improved Look and View


An elevated HiLux provides you with a better view on the road, thus improving your safety, simply because you’ll have more awareness and a quicker response to threats. This can help you stay safe on and off the road. Lastly, lifted HiLux trucks look amazing – the lift gives them a more aggressive style, and the ability to put on larger wheels.

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