What Makes Kids’ Wooden Toys a Far Better Idea Than Plastic Ones

kids wooden toys1

You might have or have not noticed, but lately, more and more modern parents are choosing wooden toys over plastic ones for their kids, much like back in those days when we were kids. Even though plastic toys are more appealing, as they come in different colours and shapes, wooden toys are a much better option. They are safer and long-lasting which means that they can be handed down from generation to. So why not give them a chance?

Wooden toys can even prove to me more educational than plastic ones. When it comes to kids wooden toys online stores are the best place to look for, as they can offer you a plethora of them differing in price, size, shape, and colour. Now more than ever it is a good idea to buy kids wooden toys online, as Christmas sales are right behind the door. Let your kids create beautiful memories with these timeless, yet educational wooden toys. Here are a few reasons more why wooden toys are far better than plastic ones.

Encourage Imagination

Back in the past, wooden toys were available only in few shapes and sizes. Thanks to the advanced technology, these days manufacturers can design almost the same wooden toys as plastic ones. However, the thing that sets wooden toys apart from plastic ones is their ability to encourage kid’s imagination. For example, even those wooden toys that come in the shape of food, vehicles, and household items, can encourage children to use their imagination in order to incorporate them into their play. The basic shape of wooden toys (triangles, circles, squares, sticks, blocks, arcs, etc.), on the other hand, allow children to use their imagination and find creative ways to use them in different subject areas. For example, with their help, little children can learn geometry by creating their own geometric patterns.

Incorporate Real-Life Skills

Pretend play activities like role-playing are kids’ favourite game, and wooden toys can come in handy to make those games more lively. Wooden toys in the shape of food and some common household items like a tray, pan, a cutlery set, etc., are perfect for a grocery store or house related games. Even with the most basic shapes, children can use their imagination and still play. For example, they can use wooden domino tiles as money in order to buy and sell some other wooden objects; while red and blue wooden circles can become strawberries and blueberries with which they can make you the perfect fruit salad.

kids wooden toys

Develop Fine Motor Skills

Wooden toys are great especially for kids around 3 years of age when they are starting to develop their motor skills. While there are different sizes of wooden toys, precisely the bigger and awkward shaped ones are great for developing their motor skills, as the design of the toy itself will urge the children to find a clever way to grasp it better.

Eco-Friendly Solution

While most of the plastic toys are made of toxic plastic, wooden toys are environment-friendly. What’s more, plastic is not biodegradable, while wood is, so apart from giving your child the best quality toy, you are also taking into account the future of our environment.

Bottom line, we really need to think about the future of our children and give them something that can both last for decades and help them create imaginative pretend plays. So instead of a smart tablet, consider buying wooden educational toys and help your kid be a kid in the real sense of the word, not a slave to modern technology since young age.