Choosing Kids Chairs and Table: Ideas So Playful!

Only full-time parents know how tricky it can be to keep kids at home entertained – especially those conscious parents who like to avoid as much as possible video games, portable DVD players and computers. As you may have noticed, kids love pretending being adults and oftentimes do the things you do. So how about create them a little private workplace with kids chairs and a table designed for their size? Excellent idea I may say. Below are some kids chairs and table suggestions that will help you bring play time to a cooler lever and make it much funnier.

Luxo Tonto Long Wooden Kids Table and Chair Set


This set is supposed to look just like an adult farm style dining set furniture. The pieces feature a simple yet classic timber design that can match any home décor. The chairs and table are made of solid pine timber, which is well-known for its strength and durability. The set comes with a beautiful natural pattern that is inviting for any child and the chairs and table are designed at a perfect height for kids. The tough wood ensures you that the set will last for many years to come.

Kidkraft Star Table And Chair Set


The kidkraft set is a fantastic workstation for children up to 6 years old. It comes with a birch wood construction with red and blue chairs, as well as matching storage bins that fit underneath the table. Because the set comes only with two chairs, it is ideal for small spaces. Both chairs fold together underneath the table when not used.

Growing Up Crayola Wooden Table and Chair Set


This set is a complete craft center for kids. The back of each chair is shaped as a crayon and the set features bright colours and fun patterns. The table has built-in pencil holders at each corner as well as two fabric organizers under the table to hold supplies. To make it even more fun, the top of the table is a dry-erase board, but when you flip the table over, it converts into a chalkboard. The growing up crayola set is a great choice for encouraging your kids to creative learning.

Kids chairs and tables may seem to you like a mere toy for playing, but they are much more than than that; they also help your little ones do their drawing, writing and reading sessions easier. Plus, your kids might even want to help you prepare some delicious recipes; and there is no greater joy than teaming up with your little angles to bake their favourite cookies.