Wedding Hair Accessories Ideas: Add a Stylish and Modern Accent to Your Wedding Look

We’ve all been to a wedding where the bride completely steals the show by looking amazing and confident. Brides should be the centre of attention at weddings and the thing we talk about days after the event is done.

On this day they choose the perfect dress they’ve always dreamed of, get the shoes to match it and accessorise with caution so they look astonishing and lovely. Those accessories such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, makeup, new false lashes, nails and hair pieces should complement the overall look.

What Hair Accessories Are Trending Now?

Fashion is fickle, style is ageless and trends come and go, but one thing that never changes is the sheer sophistication of a bride on her wedding day. There are many different ways to style your hair for a wedding. It can be worn up, down, half up or in an intricate braid. If you’re not sure what will work best for you, check out some of the latest wedding hair accessories trends:

The Veil

The Veil

If you decide to wear a veil on your wedding day, you should know that choosing the right one requires a lot of thought. It’s one of the best wedding hair accessories, but it can get overwhelming sometimes because there are so many options in terms of size, length and style, but when you pick the right one, you’ll feel like the most beautiful person in the world. There are a couple of factors that can influence your overall decision:

What’s Your Budget?

Always have your budget in mind. Decide on a specific price and stick to it. The price of veils can vary a lot and sometimes it may cost more than the dress itself. It depends on the detailing, materials and style. When you have a price range you should stick to, making a choice will be much easier.

What’s Your Hairstyle?

Depending on what type of hairstyle you’ll have, there can be many different options to suit your needs. For instance, if you choose bun-style hair, you should put the veil below the bun. This way your hair won’t be covered by it and it will show off your style. If you decide to have flowing curls, pinning the veil on the crown of your head will only add volume and make the hairstyle look luxurious and stylish.

Always Try More Veils

The veil can balance the look and give it some shape. Try several different styles to see which one works best with the dress and the hairstyle you want to wear. Put on something that’s out of your comfort zone and you may be surprised by the outcome. You don’t have to do a matchy-matchy situation, oftentimes a little mix of textures can bring originality and uniqueness.

Types of Veils

The main distinction with veils is whether they’re long or short. Longer veils are more traditional and tend to be worn with updos or half-up styles. They can be floor-length or just reach the ground, but either way, they make a dramatic impact.



Although they can be turned to one side for a bit more exposure, these tiny veils, which are about 23cm long, are designed to just cover a portion of your face. The most common materials for a birdcage veil are stiff, structured netting or sheer tulle.

Both come with a range of embellishments in case you want to add some bling to it. This style of veil usually goes with updos. It’s fastened to a comb or a headband, but it can sometimes work with loose hairstyles as well.


Any thin veil that wraps around the bride’s head and completely encloses her face is called a blusher veil. You can wear blushers on their own for a more modern style or combine them with another veil. No matter what combination you choose, these veils add a nice romantic note to the overall look. They can vary in length and can go to the chin, shoulder or down to the waist.

Elbow Length

Elbow Length

This type of veil is usually worn by pinning it at the top of your hair, and it gets down to your elbows in length. This is a style that started to become popular in the 1960s and it stayed with us up until today. If you go for the retro, subtle style, this is a great option. It’s also perfect for people who don’t want to hassle with a long trailing style because you won’t have to worry about getting stepped on.

Fingertip Length

The fingertip length veil is the most flexible option. It ends roughly where the bride’s fingertips would be. This design is a wonderful middle ground between an eye-catching floor-length veil and a shorter elbow-length option, and it suits both informal and formal weddings. Also, because it’s very neutral, it matches almost any wedding dress or hairstyle.


The chapel veil reaches a few centimetres past the bottom of the bridal dress and it’s a popular choice among conventional brides. It will add elegance and drama to almost any dress, whether it A-line or a strapless one. You can find it in both extravagant and simple styles and it works best for formal weddings.


This veil, which falls around 60cm beyond the bride’s gown is the longest of them all (unless you’re a member of the royal family). It’s the best style for a truly fantasy ceremony. The look is very dramatic and this veil requires a lot of upkeep. In fact, for this style to work, at least one person must follow the bride to keep it out of her way and help spread and straighten it.



This style of veil is made from one single piece of fabric and traced with lace. You should wear it flat on your head and pin it several cm back from the hairline so it hands over both your shoulders. A bride that’s worried about modesty for some reason may opt for a mantilla veil on her wedding day.


Tiaras have been a classic instance of bridal wedding hair accessories for a very long time. Wearing a tiara on your wedding day is more than appropriate. A tiara can help you feel like a princess when you wear it in unison with a dress. Plus, Furthermore, there are plenty of options. You can choose the ideal one according to your preferences, whether you desire something delicate and exquisite or big and flashy. Some of the choices you have are:

  • Wishbone – vintage style, wraps around your head, works with an updo and loose hair;
  • Double Band – simple, can handle decorations;
  • Bun Wrap – worn in the back, wrapped around the bun hairstyle;
  • Wreath – romantic, asymmetrical, decorated with crystals and pearls;
  • Headband – sweet, simple, decorated with one crystal flower or ornament;
  • Regal – over the top, very high, lots of decoration.

Other Hair Accessories

Another common choice among brides is the hair comb. Finding something that matches both your personal style and the style of your wedding is simple when there are so many styles to pick from. You can wear the comb with natural curls and flick it to the side or up in an updo on the side or back.

A headband can look beautiful and add class or drama depending on your choice. Choose something simple with few details and you get a sweet soft look. If you go for a headband with many details and ornaments, you can add bling that will complement your simple dress.

The romanticism of a lovely bridal hair flower is unmatched. For a relaxed garden or backyard wedding, choose this basic hair accessory that will give you a refined but still soft and romantic appearance. Hair vines also fall into this category.

They can be bent and twisted in many different ways to fit the shape of your head and the style of the hair. You can combine these bridal hair pieces with short and long hair, with buns or braids, the opportunities are endless.