Luxe Lashes: Get an Idea of the Different Types of False Luxe Lashes

No makeup look is complete without a pair of eyelashes. Applying false lashes may be tricky if you’re a beginner, but with a little practice, everyone can do it. But what type of lashes do you need to make your eyes look bigger, cattier, and deeper? If in the past, faux eyelashes were connected with theatrical performances, red carpets, or special events like weddings, today, every girl can wear them simply because she wants to.

The best type of lashes for you mainly depends on the occasion and your preferences. Perhaps you’re looking for luxe lashes to give volume to your natural lashes. Or maybe you want something less dramatic, suitable for every day?


Types of False Lashes

Today, you can just walk in a drugstore or go online to find any pair of falsies you need. Dramatic, luxe lashes, black, brown, red, strip, individual, you name it. With all the tutorials online, you can easily glue them and turn into a diva in no time.

Strip Eyelashes


Strip lashes are the most popular choice. Made of a horizontal strip with faux lashes applied on, they are easy to apply. You would need glue and tweezers or an applicator. Apply the glue, let it dry for 10-20 seconds (till it’s tacky) and place them on your eyelid very close to your natural lashes. It’ll take some practising before you become a pro, but these lashes are excellent if you’re new to this.

The great thing about this type of lashes is that they’re available in all styles, colours, and lengths. And, their price is affordable for everyone’s budget. They come in various types, which means you can easily find the right model for your eyes. For round eyes, pick winged and curly lashes so you can create an illusion of catty eyes. If you have mono-lids, get multi-layered lashes, and for hooded eyelids, get a model with longer lashes in the middle, so your eye can look more open in the centre.

The band colour is different; some have a nude or transparent band, others have a black band. It all comes down to your preferences – the nude band will give you a more natural look, while the black band will add some extra definition to your eye.



These lashes are similar to strip lashes; they too have a small band with applied lashes. The difference here is that the band is shorter and you can apply several smaller bands to the areas of your eye you want to be more accentuated. Individual lashes are great because you get various lengths in one box.

Even if you’re a beginner, using individual faux lashes will give you more control when applying them. You can only add a few pieces at the outer corner of your eye to create bigger eyes (for a catty look), or you can add one or two pieces in the middle to make your eyes look more open. The amazing thing is that when applied, lashes look very natural and blend well with your natural lashes.

Individual lashes can be made from human hair, silk, and mink. When buying, pay attention to their colour (make sure it suits your natural lashes). If you’re wondering which length you should get, pick the one that best fits your needs; if you’re going to use them every day, go for a natural lash length. For a dramatic look, pick longer lashes.

Just like strip lashes, individuals are applied close to your lash line, with previously added glue (just a tiny amount). Use tweezers or an applicator to apply them.



Cluster lashes can be defined as an option between a strip and an individual. They have more lashes than individual ones and less than strip lashes. They usually come with two or three bands joined together. This type of falsies is great if you want to accentuate a certain part of your eyes. They provide a fuller and bolder look without creating too much drama.

If you’re looking for a natural look, pick clusters with less hair; for a dramatic look get models with more lashes applied (longer and curvier). They’re applied just like strip lashes (with less glue). Use your tweezers or applicator to place the cluster on the part of your eye that you want to accentuate. Once glued, add mascara so the falsies can blend with your natural ones.

Magnetic Lashes


Magnetic false eyelashes are quite new on the market, but they already have many fans. The best thing about them is that you don’t need to use glue to attach them. They are reusable and the micro-magnets used in them are strong enough to keep them in place no matter how much you blink or how long you wear them.

When they first appeared on the market, they were a bit pricey, but things have changed as they become more mainstream. Before purchasing your pair, choose whether you want a model with human or synthetic hair.

Two strips of lashes are stick together with tiny magnets. Pull both strips apart, place one on your upper lash line, and then add the other one, underneath. Once they snap, the lashes are successfully applied to your eye. If you want to reposition or remove them, simply rub the hairs with your finger and the magnets will slide away from each other. Never pull these lashes as you do with regular ones.



Glue is a must (unless you use magnetic lashes) for the application of falsies. Don’t get confused if your glue is white, because once it dries, it will become clear. However, we recommend you to pick black or clear glue if you’re new to this and want to avoid making a big mess. Some glues come in tubes and require using other tools for application. They are cheaper but might not be the best option for beginners. Go for glue with a brush applicator for easier application.