Toys for Dogs – Make Your Furry Friend Happy With the Right Dog Toys

dog with rope toy

A happy dog is the one that is loved, fed, and kept safe. But dog owners know that a happy dog is also one that is curious and playful. Entertaining your dog is not restricted to just throwing a stick or running in the park. Sometimes your pet might want to enjoy some alone time while chewing on their favourite toy. Dog owners know that dog toys can be real lifesavers when it comes to keeping their dogs busy or distracted.

But buying a good dog toy can be tricky because if it is not durable, it can be easily shredded into pieces in no time. If it is too complex or firm for your dog’s teeth, he might lose interest. For that very reason, there are a few things to consider before purchasing new dog puppy toys.


puppy with toy

A new dog toy should be safe for playing. One important thing to consider when looking for dog toys online is your furry friend’s age. If you have a puppy, your best bet is getting him a toy that is not too complicated to play with. It should be soft enough and sufficiently interesting to keep his interest. Buying a soft toy for a grown dog that is looking for something to dig his teeth into is not a good choice.

Toys that are too small can be easily swallowed, and in a worst-case scenario – they might get stuck in the dog’s throat, which could have a fatal outcome. Toys with strings, ribbons, and small parts that can be easily ripped off are not a good idea either. Your dog will not calm down until he tears these things. Also, the risk of swallowing these tiny bits and pieces is high, so choose your dog puppy toys wisely.

Toys that come with fillings like polystyrene beads or nutshells are not safe as well. If you go for a soft toy, make sure it can be machine washable. While squeaky toys are dogs’ favourite, they might not calm down before they break the toy so that it no longer produces that sound. If you still want to get a squeaky toy for your dog, make sure you supervise him when playing with it to make sure he doesn’t swallow some of its parts.

Comfort Toys

dog with comfort toy

Your dog probably has comfort toys. Most dogs are still fond of the soft toys they played with when they were puppies. If you have a new puppy and want to give him a comfort toy to play with, make sure it is something easy to carry around. Just make sure that it is lightweight but big enough so that he doesn’t swallow it.

Rope Toys

puppy with rope toy

These toys are made of braided rope and often have plastic or rubber parts. Often used for chewing, fetching or playing tug-of-war, these are one of dogs’ favourite toys to play with. They can help your furry pal to clean his teeth as chewing on it can have the effect of brushing. Again, even when your dog simply chews the rope, make sure you are there to supervise him.

Treat-Dispensing Toys

dog with treat dispensing toy

Treat dispensing toys come in all shapes and sizes and are usually rubber or plastic. All dogs adore them. In addition to hiding treats, treat-dispensing dog toys are also designed to keep your furry friend busy, provide mental stimulation and divert unwanted behaviours.

Dog Puzzles

puppy with dog puzzle

Interactive toys are designed to help dogs use their brain. Most of them come in the form of treat-dispensing toys. Others are meant to engage both you and your dog – these can be quite simple as fetch or tug toys. Dog puzzles, for example, are meant to challenge your furry pal – they are great for teaching dogs new cognitive skills and keeping them mentally stimulated.

Non-plush Squeaky Toys

dog with squeaky toys

Ideal for playing outside, these are often made of plastic, rubber, or vinyl. If you’re looking for a more durable option, go for one made of rubber. It all depends on how much of a chewer your dog is (and how strong his teeth are). If your dog is not a strong chewer, you can pick a thin toy made of vinyl. Thin squeaky toys are affordable, but will not last for a long time.

Although we might hate it when our pets play with squeaky toys, they love it. To make things easier for you and your ears, pick toys that have “silent” squeakers. Silent squeaky toys are inaudible for humans, while dogs can easily hear the high pitch sound they make. 

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