The Lowdown on Enclosed Trailers: Types and Benefits

When the combined space of the boot and roof rack just doesn’t cut it, you need to move on to something bigger, safer and more versatile – trailers. They’re used to haul any type of cargo, of any size and in all weather conditions. And they can be towed by most vehicles with a fitted tow bar. You’ll find the need for a trailer when moving, going on those scenic road trips, or on a daily basis for work. There are different types to choose from, depending on the type of cargo you need transported, and of course the size and weight.

Trailers come in two basic configurations, something that’s obvious even for the uninitiated – open and enclosed. Both have their perks in terms of what you can carry and the level of protection each type offers. If you’re often moving about fragile cargo that will spoil due to changes in the weather, then definitely get an enclosed trailer. Durable outer covers, locks and doors keep away thieves and lend you some peace of mind. You can find a range of open and enclosed box trailer for sale from dozens of Aussie trailer manufacturers, all tailored to the needs of Aussies and our poor road conditions.

White Enclosed Trailer

Benefits of Enclosed Box Trailers

An enclosed box trailer for sale will certainly have its benefits over an open trailer. The sturdy enclosures shield cargo on all sides, so no rain, wind or sun can damage your precious cargo. Electrical goods and tools, furniture, clothing, plastics and paper are just some of the things that get damaged from heavy rain or prolonged exposure to sunlight. Keeping such items protected only makes sense. In addition, the enclosure means no items will be lost due to bumps, strong winds, or excessive speed. Beyond the apparent reasons to buy an enclosed trailer, there are also those that won’t come to mind at first thought. Larger enclosed trailers have many alternative uses, like storage cages when space at home or work is tight, and the enclosures can be fitted out into moving businesses or living quarters when away from home.

Red Enclosed Box Trailers

Types of Enclosed Trailers

Apart from the semi-trailers you’d find on trucks, there are luggage trailers, ideal for big families on the move, square Pantech trailers for general use, and tradesmen trailers decked out with storage solutions for tools and equipment. You can also specify a trailer according to the type of cargo you carry, the weight and any features that you need in a custom-built enclosed trailer.

Open luggage trailer

What to Look for in Enclosed Trailers


Enclosed box trailers are built around a galvanised steel chassis and frame in a single or tandem axle setup. Different sizes are available, from small 6 by 4 trailers running on a single axle to the largest 12 by 6-foot trailers able to carry up to 3500 kilos and set on tandem axles. You’ll find a wide range of sizes in between, and can customise overall lengths and widths according to your needs and the cargo you carry.

Big Size Black Trailer

Enclosure Materials and Build

Enclosures on box trailers can be optioned in either lightweight yet durable aluminium sheeting or stainless steel in a variety of thicknesses. Steel is often chosen by buyers looking for higher strength and comes with powder coating to ensure there is no buildup of rust. Aluminium enclosures have a quality high gloss finish, so also look the part. Structural stability is ensured with the abundant use of rivetting and welds in critical areas. To prevent water and dust, rubber seals make for a weatherproof finish. Enclosure shapes depend on chassis length and width. Buyers can choose between different heights, up to 2000mm in the largest trailers. Most roofs are flat, but you can also option rounded roofs for extra tall items.

stainless steel trailers


The number of doors, where they’re positioned in the enclosure and the way they open are all customisable. You can get flat or barn doors that open to the rear, and doors that open on the left or right side, or both. Doors are set along with sturdy stainless-steel hinges, and open in a smooth motion with the help of gas struts. To provide the best security possible, they are fitted with heavy-duty recessed locks. Loading ramps are common in most variants to quickly and easily load things like motorbikes and machinery.

trailers with different kind of doors

Inside, buyers can choose between different finishes to the floor like smooth or checker plate beds. There are tying points welded into the frame for securing heavy objects during transport. Tradesmen trailers can also include shelving and storage compartments for tools and equipment.

In terms of safety features, trailers have either leaf or spring suspension and larger units with over 750-kilo capacity have independent electric braking. LED brake and signalling lights are fitted at the back. Drawbars are durable steel offerings.

Buying Enclosed Trailers

You can find your next enclosed boxed trailer for sale from dozens of Aussie trailer builders. They have standard offerings and product lines, but will be more than welcome in building the trailer to your specifications. All parts and materials are sourced locally, and the trailers are designed and built on-site.

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