Here’s Why FLIR E85 is the Cutting-Edge Thermal Imaging Camera

Buying technology these days can be really daunting. Everything is moving so rapidly, that for most of us it can be impossible to keep up. From the time you buy something, until the time you need to replace it, things have advanced at least several steps further. While thermal imaging cameras are not an everyday item, and not as widely used as smartphone cameras, DSLR cameras, or other pieces of technology, they have been swiftly advancing to an almost futuristic extent.


Learn About the Advantages of the FLIR E86

When you are in search of a thermal imaging camera, you are going to need a little bit more information than if you were buying something more common in order to get the ideal camera for your requirements that will perform the best and will serve you for a long time. There are many ways to decide which thermal camera you are going to buy, including the type of work you need it for, your budget, etc. And while there are many options out there, ranging in prices, specifications, longevity, and quality, if you are on a quest for something future-proof, the FLIR E86 may be your best choice.

Forward-looking infrared, or FLIR cameras, have many applications. They are used in law enforcement, search and rescue, firefighting, maritime navigation, gas leak detection, maintenance and inspections, counter-surveillance, disease control, and many more applications. Several factors can help you determine if a thermal imaging camera can fulfill the needed requirements. These factors include thermal sensitivity, resolution, accuracy and repeatability, durability, etc. – and the FLIR E86 excels at all of them.

Incredible Thermal Sensitivity and Accuracy

Incredible Thermal Sensitivity and Accuracy

Many things contribute to the reason why we deem the FLIR E85 a cutting-edge thermal imaging technology, setting it apart from the many other options. The most notable reasons are its incredible thermal sensitivity, which can be as low as 0.04 °C, its huge temperature range, as well as the infrared resolution of 464×348. To be considered high-quality, a thermal imaging camera needs to be able to provide you with the most accurate information even in less-than-ideal circumstances. This amazing thermal imaging camera provides clean, smooth, and incredibly accurate images even from a distance, in cluttered surroundings, and most importantly, even if temperature differences are small in the area.

High Resolution

The images provided by the E86 are enhanced by a patented FLIR system called MSX, which can identify edges and patterns and add them to the thermal images in real-time by using an integrated visual camera. So, on top of giving accurate thermal patterns and temperature information, the cutting-edge camera will provide you with great visual detail and references.

Another enhancement integrated into the camera is a super-resolution technology, called UltraMax. With one press of the capture button, this technology will capture 16 thermal images – each of them a little bit different due to the natural hand movement, capturing multiple data points. When downloaded, these images are combined into one single image with 4 times more pixels than the standard thermal image. More precisely, the FILR E85 thermal camera will provide you with a 928×696 thermal image.

Flir E85 Amazing Laser Auto Focus

Amazing Laser Auto Focus

Furthermore, for those who don’t like using a manual focus ring due to the laser-assisted autofocus alongside the laser distance meter, the lens can set correctly when you use autofocus with amazing accuracy and speed. The focus is also maintained during movement and provides an amazing clear thermal image even in cluttered surroundings.

FLir E85 Thermal imaging

Additional Important Features

The FLIR E86 offers a lot of features, not only to make for a great user experience but also to help you avoid costly equipment failures. All of the features make it an ideal choice for identifying electrical and mechanical faults, leaks, insulation, moisture and pest problems, building problems, etc.

Nowadays, the first thing that comes to mind when buying a new piece of technology is the communication interface. FLIR cameras come with a free FLIR Tools Mobile app that allows you to connect your E86 through WiFi and Bluetooth with your mobile device. And best of all, the app will allow you to view the screen on your smartphone or your tablet in real-time. You can also store thousands of thermal and visual image pairs on the onboard SD card, and you can download the images wirelessly from the SD card or directly from the camera using a USB cable.

The FLIR E85 also allows you to record thermal videos, which provide full radiometric data for every pixel. It will also allow you to store the images in folders by location, customer, or another parameter. Some of the other vital things when it comes to technology today are functionality, design, and ease of use. This camera comes with a larger and brighter touchscreen with multi-touch gestures with the sensitivity of a smartphone or a tablet, and it’s designed to be water-resistant.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.