Sweet Baskets: A Thoughtful and Fun Corporate Gift Idea

If you’re running a business, whether big or small, you’re already well versed in interacting with your customers and clients and showing them your gratitude. As you already know, a successful business relationship is a two-way street. Both parties involved need to give something for everything to work out perfectly.

So, when the time comes for gifts to be given after a successful cooperation, a holiday, an anniversary, or anything of the sort, you might be a bit stumped. What do you give? You can go with the usual (and pretty boring) gifts like branded stationery, mugs, or a calendar, but sometimes stepping out of the box and thinking creatively is what really hits the spot, especially with all the clients you have a special relationship with.

Creative Corporate Gifts for Clients

box of sweets as a corporate gift
source: englishtenses.pro

Corporate gifts for clients aren’t easy to get right, especially when you’re swamped with work. But worry not, we have an idea for an amazing client gift that will hit all the right spots. The key to buying great corporate gifts for clients is knowing what they like. But what do they actually like? We’re guessing chocolate, for sure! 

Edible Corporate Gifts: The Best Corporate Gifts

sweet box on wooden table
source: minnpost.com

A corporate food gift keeps corporate in the equation just enough, but puts quite a twist to it, giving it a whole new, fun, yet still professional vibe. There is a large variety of corporate food gifts for your clients that you can choose from. Coming neatly packed in attractive boxes, you can choose the kind of sweet, chocolaty goodness you’d like to send. 

The choices vary from doughnuts and cakes to more exotic packs like pistachio baklava and even boxes that include everyone’s favourite candy bars, paired with hand-made sweets and sometimes even flowers and other additions. Aside from the different flavours that are available there are also vegan options as well as gluten-free options, too, so nobody can be left out. 

Depending on the size you choose you can treat only one or two people or a whole team or office. These client gift boxes can be delivered to a specific address so you don’t have to go and hand the gift over personally. Just enter the recipient’s address and the time you’d like them to receive the gift and wait for that “thank you” note that’s bound to come!

Luxe Options 

luxury box of sweets

If you like the idea, but it seems a bit ordinary to you, sweet boxes also come in a luxe version that would make anyone swoon. Manufacturers understand that sometimes going that extra mile can really pay off. Sweet boxes also come in a luxurious version, featuring chocolate covered in 24-karat, edible gold flakes and a possibility for a personalized message. 

The cake itself looks amazing, but the gold really ties the whole thing together, giving it a boujie vibe nobody can resist. Perfect for any corporate climate out there, this luxe option will be welcomed with enthusiasm and gratitude. You can further customize your order by adding mini bottles of their favourite alcohol for a very fair price and you can use your message space to add a congratulatory line and express your appreciation for their business. 

All in all, the luxe versions of the sweet boxes are quite a treat (both literally and figuratively speaking) so you definitely won’t make a mistake by sending one! 

Themed Packets

Merry Christmas box of sweets
source: greatgifts.co.uk

As I said before, there are a number of reasons you might like to send your clients a lovely gift like this. It can be related to a business deal, but it can also be due to a holiday, a birthday, an anniversary, or anything else. 

Having this in mind, these boxes also come in a themed option and also seasonal options to fit any occassion. For example, the New Year’s and Christmas themed options come in three different boxes. Each one includes hand-made baked goods, everyone’s favourite chocolate bars, candy canes, a mix of savoury treats, special Christmas cookies, and a choice of either wine or beer to tie that festive vibe all together and deliver a true Christmas miracle! 

All in all, whether themed or otherwise, these corporate gift baskets are everything they need to be and more, so next time you’re thinking of getting something for a client, go for it. Trust me, you won’t regret it!