5 Gift Ideas for Doughnut Lovers

Have you ever turned down a doughnut? Well, I don’t think anybody has. And how could they? Doughnuts are like a never-ending sugary circle of adventure, that you can’t help but beg for more. Moreover, there are doughnuts in every possible flavour imaginable, from classic chocolate glazed, old fashion powdered to featuring a wide variety of other irresistible tastes such as lemon glazed, pumpkin-spiced, or those with cinnamon sugar coating which are a perfect match for your morning coffee. Sure by now you’ve already started craving one. 

In this article, we’ve made a selection of some unique and creative gifts you can give to a person who loves doughnuts. But before we dive into it lets’s first talk about the historical meaning behind this heavenly treat and what actually symbolizes.

What Do Doughnuts Symbolize?

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The history behind this type of sugary treat dates back to the early 19th century when Dutch people were making olykoeks, or “oils cakes” which were originally simple shaped balls of cake fried in pork fat until they turned golden brown. Because their centre didn’t cook as fast as the outside, they were sometimes stuffed with a  variety of fruits, nuts, or other types of filling that didn’t require cooking. 

These adorable warm little bites of joy have gained popularity during World War l when many salvation army volunteers, most of them women made and served doughnuts for the soldiers. Hence, doughnuts symbolize nothing less than the American democracy – foods that soldiers ate in order to defend their country.

What to Get to Someone Who Loves Doughnuts?

Even though they are widely regarded as an American symbol, there is something about this pastry perfection that unites people of all races and colours, making them one of the most popular desserts across the world. As you’ve already realized by now doughnuts are easy to love, but chances are that you have a person in your life who loves them a little more. Well, if you feel like treating those special friends of yours with uniquely created presents donut take these cool gift ideas for granted.  

An Assorted Doughnut Box

donut box
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Having a whole bunch of mouth-watering sweets in different flavours seems to be the perfect idea for a person who loves doughnuts. An assorted donut gift box contains a wide variety of flavours, from cheesecake to Nutella, and oreo which will give every doughnut lover the ultimate pleasure and indulgence they have been craving for. Besides, a donut gift box is a perfect idea for Valentine’s day a birthday or any other type of occasion that calls for sharing sweets with a loved one. 

A Doughnut Tower Cake

Being creative when it comes to gifts is always a great idea. Besides, it shows to the person that we truly have been thinking about how to properly surprise them by caring about what they love. Sending a stack of doughnuts instead of a cake is a perfect way to show off your creative side and thoughtfulness. Whether it’s a birthday, a team event, or just a family gathering, a donut tower will make the perfect gift for any occasion. It features a larger piece of donut at the bottom with the smaller circles added on top of each other to create the perfect tour look. This unique gift will surely entice a smile to the receiver and will leave no one unimpressed.

A Doughnut Pool Float

If you have been wondering what to give to your special friend who is a doughnut lover, we recommend you consider a great doughnut-shaped pool float. Doughnut pool floats are great fun and cute way of saying I care about you. You can rest assured that your friend will love to sit, relax fall into the giant doughnut-shaped design while drinking their perfect cocktail and comfortably floating in the water. 

float donut
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Most of them are made of high-quality, durable PVC material utilizing advanced leakage technology that ensures a good seal. Besides, you will be at the centre of attention as these cute inflatables are brightly coloured and will certainly add a pop of life to the pool area. They can be also used during family vacations, lake trips, or birthday parties or you can even enjoy sitting on them while watching your favorite tv show.

Funny Coffee Mug                        

Everyone’s favourite gifts are personal to them, as we are all different and give value and appreciation to different things. However, I think everyone can make a room for a unique special mug design. I personally, love to collect mugs whenever I travel somewhere, as drinking from that particular cup always brings me nice memories and associations to that place. Therefore, I think a playful unique doughnut-shaped mug design can be a perfect addition to any doughnut lover cupboard. 

donut mug
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You can get a mug featuring a big doughnut image on the front side, a text saying “mm..donuts” on the other, and a big bite out at the top. Mugs will never go out of style, as they are handy items we utilize daily. By giving a mug as a present, you are communicating a special reminder to that person that they are both loved and cared about.

Doughnut Boxers

Life is too short to wear uncomfortable and boring underwear. So if you are someone who loves to add a bit of playfulness and excitement when creating gifts for friends or a loved one, then a pair of colourful boxers will do the trick. A fresh and colourful design of boxers with doughnut patterns will certainly entice a smile on your loved one’s face. Besides, they are a perfect present for a birthday, Valentine’s day, anniversary or as a Christmas present.

In this article, we’ve made a selection of some unique ans creative gifts you can give to a person who loves doughnuts. But before we dive into it lets’s first talk about the historical meaning behind this heavenly treat and what actually symbolizes.