Surprise a Friend: Some Fun Ideas for a Birthday Gift

Getting the right birthday gift for a special person isn’t always easy. After years of gifts, it’s normal that you will eventually run out of ideas. And here you are, wondering what to give them this year that will make them happy. If you have no inspiration, check out our list. There might be something that will make you exclaim “How didn’t I think of that before?”.

Unique Australian Craft Gin

If that person likes gin (And who doesn’t?) you know what to do. When it comes to choosing gin birthday gifts you can go for a pack of Australian craft gins. This is probably something they’ve never tasted before. Australia has many craft gin distilleries which use local ingredients to create drinks with one-of-a-kind flavour. Just imagine their face when they get to try a twist of “London dry” with the addition of botanicals such as Tasmanian pepperberry, Anyse myrtle, butterfly pea, Manuka and other local ingredients.

As a bonus, you can pick a set of Copa de Balon glasses to make the whole experience a lot better. If your friend is usually curious and would probably want to know more about the history of what they’re about to taste, you can also get them a book on Australian gin. Or you can go for a gin cocktail book that would give them some ideas on how to mix cocktails and other gin drinks in the comfort of their home (or wherever they are).

Gin birthday presents consisting of craft gins would be a perfect option even if the person isn’t that much into this drink. It’s always a wonderful idea for people to experience something new and taste extraordinary and rare gins. You can also purchase other gin-related things and create a hamper, such as gin bath bombs, gin and tea infusions, or even gin hand wash. How about dark organic chocolate mixed with dry gin? Mix and match these options and create a lovely gin basket. We’re sure your person won’t say no to any of these gin birthday gifts.

A Spa Day

Nobody would say no to a spa day. A nice, relaxing, pampering day at the spa for their birthday sounds like the best way to spend that day. They can relax and forget everything that’s stressing them out. You can make a reservation just for them or join them for a bonding experience. Relaxing in a sauna, swimming in a saltwater pool, enjoying the bubbles of the jacuzzi, or dozing off while getting a massage – this is a great gift for a tired person who never finds time to indulge in something so nice.

If this is out of your budget range, you can always go with a budget-friendly option. You can get them an aromatherapy gift set that mimics the luxury of a spa so they can enjoy the relaxing effects in the comfort of their home. You can fill a basket with essential oils, massage lotions, scented candles, hand-made soaps, organic shampoos, facial masks, scrubs, bath bombs, and anything you think would be of great use for pampering at home.

Classes (The Chance to Learn Something New)

Who says that classes are boring? Some types of classes can be a fun way to learn something new, which is why they can make great birthday gifts. All you have to think of is what the person loves to do in their spare time or try to remember something they’ve expressed interest in learning. Maybe they always wanted to learn how to ride a horse? Or, maybe they have a drawing talent? If you know their affinities, you’re halfway there.

Let’s say your friend always wanted to learn how to mix cocktails. Imagine how happy they would be if you get them cocktail mixing classes. Not only will they finally learn to mix their favourite drinks, but they might also discover that they’re really good at this and actually start their own business or change their profession. See the practical side of this, you too would benefit from it – there will always be delicious cocktails served whenever you visit them.

Concert Tickets

No present can replace the good memories and the experience they’ll make at a concert of their favourite singer or band. For this, you’ll have to start planning a few months before the concert. So, be alert and reserve those tickets on time. To make the surprise even bigger, you can organise their transportation and book a hotel room and make it a fun little trip. Of course, maybe you should tell them about this once the organisation is over since you don’t want them to be busy on the concert day.

Shopping Gift Card

If none of these ideas seems practical enough, you can always go for a shopping gift card. This is a gift option you can never go wrong with. This way, your giftee can get whatever they please (clothes, makeup, sports gear, shoes, a book). It’s a great last-resort option when you’re completely out of time or ideas.