Cute Teenage Girl Gift Ideas

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to gifting women nice and useful things, regardless of age. However, it doesn’t hurt to give it some more thought and narrow down your list. When buying for a teenage girl, you need to aim for a certain middle ground so it’s neither childish, nor tailored for grownups’ needs. In the light of that, here are some pretty amazing gift ideas…

Gift Giving


Nameplate Necklace

Since the nameplate jewellery trend is obviously here to stay, you can choose from one of the many types of such jewellery. even if you don’t really know the precise preferences of your giftee, you cannot go wrong with the disc initial necklace. It’s simple, appealing and can go perfectly with any outfit.

Of course, there are many other options from which you can choose. Regarding the material, both gold and silver are a great option for such a gift, so choose according to your budget.

Nameplate Necklace


Hand Watch

If this idea doesn’t come intuitively to you cause you don’t think you can find something appropriate, you’d be surprised at the large selection of kid-friendly yet appealing kids watches. Also known as wristwatches, kids watches can certainly make your girl happy, especially if you have chosen one of her favourite models. If your girl is still into the fun version of children watches, then you can consider one of the many vivid coloured watches. Black, white, navy, bright pink, yellow and green are some of the many band colours you can choose from.

To make things even better, you can choose a model that allows for changing the bands. This will make the watch more versatile and fun. Usually, the band of these watches can be made of urethane, silicone or from a fabric combo. In case she is no longer interested in these ‘childish’ colours because she feels all grown up, you can pamper her with a nice stainless-steel kid watch that looks more stylish and appealing.

Since she is no longer a toddler, you should also pay attention to the type of watch you choose. This means that you get the chance to choose between digital and analogue watches out of which the digital models are much easier to read. However, since your little girl is no that little anymore, you can surprise her with an analogue watch.

Choosing an analogue watch is a better option not only for improving her traditional time-telling skills, but also because they look sleeker, especially when choosing a watch with a stainless steel band. Unlike gold and silver jewellery, not all watches are water-resistant. So, when in the search for the right watch for your girl, make sure to choose one that has this property, since kids can be clumsy and not paying attention especially when washing their hands and face.

Kids Wearing Lorus Watches


Makeup Kit

Since your girl is in those years when a little bit of shine on her lips and drama on her lashes are acceptable, she probably won’t mind receiving an amazing makeup kit. In fact, it’s very likely that she’ll love it. For the lips, you can choose a transparent shimmery lip gloss or one that has a pinky or peachy hue. Volumizing and lengthening mascara should also be a part of this gift, as well as nice peachy blush and a highlighter that will make her, either way, glowing skin more glorious. To make this gift even better, you can add a small LED makeup mirror.


Since teenage girls usually love to appear a bit older than their age, a nice cute handbag is sure to put a smile on her face. Whether a tote, a shoulder bag or a cute little clutch, your girl would surely love the idea of wearing her new handbag when out with her friends. Just make sure it has a lot of pockets where she can carry lots of stuff. When it comes to the outside of the bag, it’s best to go for baby pink, ivory, white or baby blue, unless she has some strong preference/dislikes regarding colours.

cute handbag for teens


Teeth Whitening Set

If your giftee has mentioned that she would like to get her teeth a few shades brighter, instead of having her teeth whitened professionally (which can be costly and not appropriate for a teenage girl), you can treat her with a teeth whitening kit. Usually, these kits come with a gel-like formula that needs to be applied on the teeth and a LED whitening accelerator that can whiten her teeth in a certain amount of time. Usually, the gel formula is made of coconut and charcoal powder which are both natural and friendly compounds.