Stainless Steel Spigot: Create A Chic Boundary Around Your Pool Without Blocking out Natural Light

The nice thing about backyard pools is that they are out in the open, allowing you to enjoy hours of fresh summer breeze and feel the goodness of the sun on your skin. So the logical question is why would anyone want to fence it all up? If you know how to properly do it, a fence doesn’t have to be an interruption to your open pool fun, nor prevent you from getting a wonderful chocolate brown tan. On the contrary, it can increase your pool’s appeal, preserve the safety around it, and prevent dirt and leaves from falling in it when it’s windy. Isn’t that quite neat?

Glass Spigots

Of course, the material the fence is made of plays a great role in the final look. That’s why everyone looking to preserve the openness of their pool should consider glass fencing – the increasingly popular alternative to wood and metal. It carries all the benefits a fence can have without blocking the sun. Plus, it allows you to enjoy a full view of your pool at any time. This is especially important since most accidents of a child falling into a pool happen when the parents can’t see what’s going around the pool area.

To create the utmost unobstructed view, all you need to do is go with a frameless glass fence and secure it around the pool with a stainless steel spigot kit. And don’t worry, the stainless steel spigot won’t in any way destroy the clean, transparent look of the fence. With their sleek appearance, spigots are small and barely noticeable which makes them perhaps the most subtle option to hold a glass fence. Moreover, stainless steel is resistant against corrosion which makes it the best choice for such a wet area. And the good news is that installing a glass fence with the help of spigots is very easy to do by yourself which means you’ll get to save money instead of hiring a professional.

Glass fences, and the spigots that support them add a contemporary, sophisticated look to the pool area. Even if your exterior isn’t exactly modern, the beauty of a glass fence is that it blends perfectly in with any kind of surroundings. Glass and stainless steel are materials that are able to withstand some harsh weather and penetrating UV rays, which means that your fence will retain its crisp, clean look for a long time. Opting for this kind of fence also allows you to eliminate another worry – that of the chlorine in the pool. Opposed to wood fences, the glass fence with spigots is resistant to prolonged chlorine exposure. All you need to do is to occasionally wipe the fence with a wet cloth as to get rig from chlorine residues.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.