Simple Ideas for Including Your Dog on Your Next Camping Trip

If you love camping and are a dog owner, at a certain point, you might have thought about taking your dog along with you on your next adventure. And while you might think that your furry friend might not like being away from his home and comfort zone that much, there really is no reason why he should miss out on the experience. First, let’s go over the reasons why it is better to take your pet with you instead of leaving them behind. The obvious reason would be that you two have bonded and will miss each other greatly those few days. Spending some quality time in nature and playing with your pet, what’s not to like?

girl walk with dog

Your dog will also appreciate the ability to run around in the outdoors. Whether you live in a spacious apartment or have a big yard where he can play, that just can’t be compared to the freedom your furry pal will experience when roaming around in nature. Dogs also need companionship and entertainment. Your pet shouldn’t be cooped up in your house for days at a time. If he has no one to play with, he will easily get bored and sulky. Think about how excited your dog is when they see you getting the leash to take them outside. Now imagine how excited he will be when you let him play outside for a whole weekend or even a week! Offer your dog the possibility to explore nature and have fun sniffing different plants and animals.

If you have ever left your pet behind when travelling, chances are you were also faced with the responsibility of arranging someone to take care of him. And if you don’t have friends and family in the area who will be able to take care of your pet while you are away then you will have to hire a dog sitter. One of the possibilities is to leave your dog at home and give the keys to someone who will come in and take him outside and feed him. But this means that your dog will be stuck inside for hours at a time, which is definitely not healthy. Another possibility would be a boarding service, pet kennel or even leaving your dog in your sitter’s home. All these are options you may not be comfortable with, depending on how your dog acts in a new environment.

dog houses

But these things are expensive and also take away from the spontaneity of your camping trip. The ideal solution is taking your dog with you when camping and bringing adequate camping equipment. And this is where portable outdoor dog houses come into play! By finding the ideal portable dog house for sale and getting it for your pal, you won’t have to worry about leaving your pet behind whenever you go on a camping getaway. Portable outdoor dog houses are convenient and useful pieces of equipment that every pet owner should have. But you shouldn’t just get the first dog pen enclosure you come across either online or in brick-and-mortar shops. There certainly are some things worth considering before you make your final buying decision.

For starters, the dog house should be easily portable. You can definitely find some lightweight models that have their own carry-on bag for safer and easier transportation. Another thing to note is whether it is easy to assemble it. After setting up your tents, you and your mates probably won’t feel like spending a few more hours assembling dog houses. After all, you are there to have fun and not work on DIY projects.

dog house

You also need to consider how comfortable the outdoor dog house is. Look for one with soft padding inside, so that your pet can enjoy the same comfort that you do. And of course, don’t forget to make sure that the house you get is warm and suitable for every season. When camping, you are out in the open so you need to make sure you have something to protect you from rain and wind. The same goes for your dog – it is your responsibility to make sure he is well protected from the elements. Also, let’s not forget that humid and wet weather can cause mould and mildew to form on the dog’s house. When looking for outdoor dog houses online, make sure the one you are purchasing is water- and mould-resistant.

After you have picked the perfect portable dog house, you are all set for your next camping trip. However, you don’t have to wait for such an occasion to take out your outdoor dog house and set it up. Since it is perfect for the outdoors, you can also use it in your yard or even inside your house.