Remodelling Ideas to Spice up Your Interior: Tiny Tweaks That Can Make a Big Impact

Investing in big house renovation projects is not always something our wallet is ready to be spent on. This is why using your imagination and completing little DIY projects around your house may help transform and create a brand new space.

Change Up the Simple Drawer Pulls for a Huge Impact in the Kitchen

Your kitchen is likely the most important area in your home, serving as a focal point. Your kitchen, which is essential for functionality and providing a social space for mealtimes, should be a room in which you feel at ease while also taking pride in your design. Offering the option to design your own space from the start, including your ideal paint colours and kitchen cabinet hardware ideas.


It can, however, be stressful at times. With so many options, it can be difficult to select how to design your kitchen and which goods to use, especially when it comes to the hardware for your doors and drawers. This is why sometimes is worth experimenting and switching up to an opposite style of what you’ve had already. Ultimately, the style of your kitchen will have the largest influence on your research and final decision.

Those who have contemporary, modern kitchens would most likely favour drawer handle with sleek designs with crisp, clean lines. While those who want a more conventional look, on the other hand, will most likely select classic, traditional designs such as vintage cupboard handles and traditional cabinet knobs. Consider your kitchen design and preferred aesthetic before selecting new kitchen cabinet hardware. And although many designers and homeowners will choose a single style of kitchen cabinet hardware to use throughout their space, the new trend of combining cabinet knobs and cabinet handles has increased in its appeal.

Dress Up Your Old Couch for a New Living Room Focal Point

It’s always a pity when you dislike your couch, but even if a new purchase isn’t an option, the situation isn’t hopeless. Throw cushions can do wonders for a worn-out sofa. Experiment with colour, pattern, texture, and shape to go in the opposite way of your couch’s design. For example, if your couch is neutral, seek throws that are patterned or vividly coloured, and vice versa. To add more depth, look for unique vintage pieces that tell a story. Throw cushions from artisan stores (online or in-person), for example, are manufactured by artists from all around the world which will attract the eye of any guest that enters your home. To draw attention away from your uninteresting couch, you may want to update what’s going on around it like side tables. Adding a tiny wooden side table covered with something vibrant, such as geometric planters, will refresh your “I got it from my parents” worn-out sofa.

Replace or Update Your Front Entry Door for a Memorable First Impression


Do you desire a home improvement project that can serve two purposes? If your living room is in the front of your house, installing a new front door or refinishing your existing door may do so much for so little money and work. A new front door achieves two tasks for the price of one. It not only improves the exterior curb appeal of your property but also provides a fresh sparkle to your front living area. A new entry door has a higher ROI than nearly every other home improvement project, returning more than 91% of its cost upon sale, according to Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report.

Repaint and Refresh Your Living Room for a Bright New Feel

Colour is as essential in the living room, perhaps more than any other room in the home. The living area is always in use, whether it’s for hanging out, watching movies, reading, or sipping wine. With so much emphasis on one area, the colour scheme must be impeccable. And if you aren’t ready for permanent colour, try temporary wallpaper.
Temporary wallpaper is low risk because it can be quickly removed or replaced at any time, and the financial commitment is little; nonetheless, this low-cost update can completely transform your foyer, bathroom, built-ins, living room, and other areas. In a large space, try papering only one accent wall, and don’t forget to consider the ceiling. Temporary wallpaper can also be used to bring a dash of individuality to basic pieces like utilitarian desks or no-frills nightstands.

Improve Your Dull Bath Rug for a Fresher Bathroom


Swapping up your neutral bath mat for one that is loud enough to act as the room’s focus is one of the most cost-effective methods to improve the ambience of the guest-frequented bathroom. You can also deviate from standard bathroom offerings—believe it or not, normal rugs can look and feel lovely cozied up to your tub, and you can make them functional by adding a no-slip mat beneath. Additionally, a large, colourful, or otherwise showy statement piece like a chandelier captures the eye and makes the bathroom or any other room feel larger.

And Finally, Spruce Up the Overall Atmosphere with Mood Lighting

If you rent an apartment, you may have inherited boring bathroom drawer handles and drab lighting fixtures that offer nothing to the atmosphere. Replacing these with more dynamic types, such as lanterns or chandeliers, may give any room the needed makeover. You can also find alternatives at various pricing points. On a similar note, you might want to replace some of your typical (read: boring, and most likely inexpensive) lampshades with something a little more exotic or statement-making. You can discover antique options online, but your local flea market may do just as well for a fraction of the price.