Modern Living: 6 Ideas for Remodelling Your Kitchen

Making (and sticking to) a plan is essential for a successful kitchen renovation. Having a clear vision of how you want to utilise your space, what it should look like, and the actions you’ll need to take to get there is critical to attaining the desired result on time and within budget.

A well-designed kitchen can also make a significant difference in your life. With the appropriate features, your new kitchen may save you time, protect you from worry, tiredness, and the danger of injury, and even provide you with more storage space than you ever imagined possible. The following ideas are some options you can implement when deciding to remodel the kitchen.

1. Maintain a Smart Floor Plan

Knowing the various functional sections of your kitchen allows you to make more rational judgments about where things go in your layout, keeping related objects within easy reach while allowing for seamless movement between different stages of your workflow. For example, paths within the cooking zone should be 100 cm wide in a one-cook kitchen and 120 cm in a two-cook setup.

Maintain modest distances. Find a kitchen layout that maximises space while minimising footfall between regularly used products and equipment. Make sure the ergonomics are correct. To prevent strain and discomfort, design your kitchen in a way that works well with your body. Stay organised with innovative internal fittings and be smart with storage. Maintaining a well-organized kitchen will help you minimise stress and save time.

2. Know Your Centerpiece

Even if you have a dishwasher to do the majority of the cleaning, you still spend a lot of time standing at the sink. Give yourself a good view if you choose a spot for the sink! This may be determined by the layout of your home, the location of your kitchen, and your personal preferences.

kitchen antique tapware

If your kitchen has a window with a great view, you may choose to go with the traditional technique of placing the sink near the window, as seen in many famously designed kitchens on TV. This allows you to work at the sink while getting some natural light and enjoying a pleasant view. To best accomplish a space-saving balance in your kitchen, place the sink on the “kitchen island”.

And speaking of centrepieces, the very element that gets the attention when it comes to the sink is the tapware. If you’re looking for something timeless and beautiful antique tapware is the perfect choice. Though there are ranges of contemporary taps that are just as beautiful. Decide on the style and choose the finish that best complements the rest.

3. Don’t Waste Space

Consider how and where you will use your kitchenware, tools, goods, and other items. Keep breakfast foods close to the breakfast table. For wrapping leftovers, keep wraps and plastic containers in one convenient location near a work area. Place dishware near the dishwasher to make emptying easier.

With the right kitchen arrangement, you can keep distances low. When you can get your hands on everything you need in a few short steps, meal preparation, cooking, and cleaning up becomes a snap. However, how you accomplish this relies on the size and layout of your space, as well as your needs and goals for upgrading.

By selecting the finest kitchen layout for you and your space, you’ll be able to better arrange your functional sections to suit your regular workflow while also reaping other benefits such as increased storage, increased workspace, and even make room for dining and entertaining.

4. Choose Clean Appliances

Investing in high-end, minimalist kitchen appliances will not only help your design plan succeed, but will also ensure that the area looks great even when you don’t have time to clear everything away. Choose appliances in complementary colours to provide a seamless and unobtrusive look. These devices will fade into the background to keep everything clean, clear, and in order.

Also, consider placing pull-up or sliding doors on cabinets. These are a more streamlined alternative to hinged doors, which protrude into the surrounding space and can hinder walkways, obstruct the view, or even cause injury.

5. Implement Efficient Storage Solutions

kitchen storage space

Your kitchen, especially with your countertops, sink and your antique tapware, is the space you use every day, and that’s why you must maximise all available storage space. From ground level to head height, and everywhere in between, consider where you keep things and how they may be accessible most conveniently to avoid strain, discomfort, and unwanted accidents.

Heavy and bulky things are best placed beneath work surfaces, but wall units are perfect for lighter items, such as glassware and other kitchenware, that you’d want to peruse at head height. By utilizing sliding or pull-up doors, you can also get an unobstructed view of the contents.

Important: Create a special place for all your utensils, but especially your knives. This makes it easy to find the ideal knife for the job and keeps dangerous goods out of the reach of children.

6. Know the X Factor of Every Modern Kitchen

A good kitchen is a kitchen that oozes warmth, quality, and practicality. Cabinets with a streamlined style should be included in every modern kitchen. Combine these with a countertop made of marble, granite, or quartz which has the look of natural stone but is easier to clean up.

A modern kitchen is modern because it is an open, clutter-free space designed for relaxing and entertaining as well as meal preparation. Also, every modern kitchen, of course, has a sleek overall appearance. But, equally essential, it is a room that is not hidden away and is intended to be comfortable for single living but also shared with both family and guests.